Snowden in the Forecast

— Snowden in the Forecast, or the Post cast  —


This was posted this year, a couple of months ago… it is post about 2 years after the fact, and not clouded with conjectures, it’s both sides of the story.

It may be edited with a bias for Edward Snowden, but it gives both sides of the story… but I favor Edward Snowden, so I already have a bias for the truth, which Snowden stands for also.


 If you are asking me to delve into my deepest emotions… it was the arrogance of an individual. Who looked upon the activity of the NSA, and believed that his legal and ethical judgment trumped the judgment of his coworkers, his leadership, the American president, the American congress and the American court system.
Michael Hayden (10min 58sec of video)


I say it trumped it, and the people who don’t value their ignorance say it trumped it too. Who is on your side, Gen. Michael Hayden? The dumb and ignorant? You who spread fear, FDR said, we should be afraid of you. You’re the true terrorists.


I thought to myself: “What kind of man is this?” How can someone justify the violation of the rights of an entire nation? Without even a law to lean on! How do we come back from a situation in which the most senior officials in a democracy are acting against the interest of the public in secret?
  — Edward Snowden (11min 22sec of the video)


We have many reasons not to trust Snowden, but when is the truth to be secret?

It’s made secret by the leaders that want to keep their power, and if the people know that their stranglehold on power is the secrecy of their methods of achieving that power, then the people are free… or the next step on their journey through this life, is made more clearer.

I don’t know if it is healthier for the populations to know the absolute truth or not, but I see it as the path of God in front of us, and the truth of what’s going on, is a light shined down on that path before us.

Lies creates shadows and suspicions, which creates more conspiracies, rather than solutions.

I could go deep on this subject, and I have all my life, and it didn’t do me any good.

Though I sought the good all my life, and it continually evaded me.


 Snowden, would have to believed his judgment trumped all of those in order to create the kind of moral righteousness, that he claims. That is pretty arrogant.
— Michael Hayden (11min 50sec of video)


I’m pretty arrogant, I have to admit it… but I’m humble too, to put up with your arrogance that seems to believe that all of the nations of the world is trumped by your arrogant beliefs. A little humbleness goes a long way in achieving nirvana, transcendence, and euphoria… you should try it.