The App Attacks

— The APP Attacks —


app attacksThe App attacks of the Internet of Things, with every seemingly mundane task to make your life easier, is making life more complicated and tedious.

I guess the young and foolish like to be wild and unorganized. It’s not my cup of tea, though I like a good app, but good apps are like searching for treasures in the gravel fields of life. You have to look through thousand or maybe a million gravel pieces to find one gem.


Getting older, your not as impressed, as when you were younger with the technological marvels.

You go to a site, and they want you to install an app to use that site, I usually back up and close the window.  Apps are a blessing when they make your life easier, but a curse when they make your life more complicated and use up your resources, such as waste your time.

This is a site on what to do with the many types of attacks of the Apps.


This from Wikipedia talks about a list of attacks that occur with web apps too.

I’m not that knowledgeable on the subject, I’m just running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling cause an acorn fell on my head. I may be overly imaginative causing delusional thinking in my self and others, but be rational. I would like to pass that on to you. Be rational!

Don’t be delusional or assumptive.


Apps are ok sometimes, but a pain in the ass other times. If you’re going to write an app, it should make your life easier. Think of the steps it saves you, or adds to our lives.

If you’re a criminal, then prepare to be locked up, and don’t waste our time.

App attacks are more than prevalent at this time, with the number of them climbing at an exponential rates. I feel when the darkside of the human race realizes that causing chaos is a waste of time, both for them and us, then we’ll make progress towards harmony and peace.

Be wary of any app that wants you to download to view some data… any data. They’re only setting up a tunnel that establishes the traffic to go both ways. When the internet was designed to go one way. True, there are certain times that is beneficial to go both ways, but not without your knowledge of the two way traffic.

NSA has become the expert at that practice.