US attacked by the Chinese

— US attacked by the Chinese, at least by our paranoid research —



China attacks the CYBER US, I wonder if it’s just a provoked attack or a defense attack.

How many attacks are under the NSA’s belt, and the other attacks by other nations, its what has been sown by the US? … the harvest is just a criminal act blamed for the sake of shame.

I think it’s a false flag attack for the manipulations of the public opinion, trying to revive the Patriot Act that expired on June 1st. We are being attacked… we want another war.

You may see me as a hippie, a wasteful soul, but I want to believe I’m smarter than the way you paint me. I see you as a war soul, that is just as stupid as you see me. We both can be stubborn and war with words, but that is just as stupid and wasteful as a physical war.

All the money wasted on nothing more than a differing opinions with other countries, other ideologies, and other religions. Their is a better way, but you have to look for it.

It depends if you will give up your pride, and humble yourselves to mainstay the peace, it involves showing true love for your enemies, which will cripple your pride, but it will heal you from the ultimate deterioration of the soul, a wild pride, rather than a calm and rational pride.

Which is the reflections of this rant, a rational calm pride, rather than an emotional wild pride full of emotional passions screaming nationalistic chants, and spreading false patriotisms.

Well that’s my opinions…it’s just a cynical look at the mainstream news… and that’s not going to change, we all know the mainstream news is the govt propaganda, mixed with truth and hidden agendas. The fact that they support wars, is the main reason why I’m against them.