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What does MPC mean?

MPC MIDI Production Center So, the basic language is MIDI, and everything connects through the MIDI language, and it is not very intuitive, it’s like learning a new verbal language, for example French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc., it requires tech knowledge and dialects too. It takes another approach to music production, rather than the digital …

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Police Brutality : Protect and Serve?

— Police Brutality : Protect and Serve? Accuse and Murder? —   My Father was NYC Officer-Detective in the 50’s-70’s, and police brutality never was this way. Murders everyday on both sides, the police and the victims. I woke to this today, and another Cop shot someone, Philando Castile. We just got over the murder …

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Deterrence or Terrorism : I see the same difference

— Deterrence or Terrorism : I see the same difference — I see the deterrence factor, as the politically correct version of terrorism. Deterrence or terrorism, they both try to instill fear for a political objective. They both try to influence the outcomes through fear. I see no difference from terrorism and deterrence, they both …

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Procrastination, Everybody Does It


— Procrastination, Everybody Does It  —     Procrastinators, hear me, or not!  Procrastination on listening skills, with feeding the Monkey. I’m not a dictator, but I had the same college record, as this guy. So, I must have the same instant gratification Monkey in my brain too, along with the Panic Monster scared of …

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Alone We Are Weak and Fragile

— Alone We Are Weak and Fragile, But Together we Are Invincible —     Alone I’m fragile and weak, but with the like minded, I’m an unstoppable force of change. That’s why I’m a hermit. I would do more damage than blessings to the world, I’m a monster in hiding. A cute cuddly monster …

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