Police Brutality : Protect and Serve?

— Police Brutality : Protect and Serve? Accuse and Murder? —


My Father was NYC Officer-Detective in the 50’s-70’s, and police brutality never was this way.

Murders everyday on both sides, the police and the victims.

I woke to this today, and another Cop shot someone, Philando Castile. We just got over the murder of Alton Sterling, and then this happens.



He wasn’t out selling bootlegged CDs. He was driving home, and got pulled over for a broken taillight. The fear in the Cops is unmatched, than ever before. They want to shoot first, and ask questions later.

I can see that more and more, the fear on both sides. Fear is what we should fear. It’s a tyrant dictator. We want to bomb countries, because it makes us safe. We are the terrorists, wearing the cloaking with drones. That we have a mission to kill the terrorists, before they kill us.

The same with the murders on both sides.

A cop has the ability to carry out in the open, a gun, but this guy had a concealed gun permit. The cop instructed him to show his license and registration, and as he reached for it, the Cop unloaded 4 bullets into him.

Did the Cop become judge and jury? His fear dictated to him to shoot Philando Castile, cause he suspected he was reaching for his gun. When you ask him to get his license, the fear should take a back seat to rational thinking.


Protest at the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion

His girlfriend Diamond Reynolds told why she Facebooked the murder of her boyfriend Philando Castile at the protest before the  Minnesota Governor’s mansion.



I was with her before she was pulled under by the racial whirlpool of blame. The more you blame, makes you a bigoted racist too. So when you blame them for murdering, because of your race, then you take the role of a racist.

It only inflames the racist bigot, that we all fight within ourselves.



Fear is the only thing we have to fear. FDR gave the message the that the only thing we have to fear is Fear itself.

Fear is the dictator of wars, and the pulling of the triggers. Fear is the only terrorist that we need to go to war with, not each other. Police brutality is fear’s abusive servants.

We need to behead fear, not each other. We need to lock up fear in a cage within ourselves. He’s allowed free speech, but no longer enabled to get out on bail or parole.

As long as he tries to spread his fear, then he’s a terrorist/dictator/tyrant.

The fear monster needs to be tamed into docility, and to do no harm to others… that’s a freedom that brings me joy.