Deterrence or Terrorism : I see the same difference

— Deterrence or Terrorism : I see the same difference —

I see the deterrence factor, as the politically correct version of terrorism. Deterrence or terrorism, they both try to instill fear for a political objective.

They both try to influence the outcomes through fear. I see no difference from terrorism and deterrence, they both are the peddlers of fear.

So, because the state runs a terrorist organizations labeled as the military, it makes it alright and legal. They pin medals on their egos, and fund them for doing good, but they’re doing bad no matter what their cause is. It doesn’t change the fact that killing is bad to the core.

Defense is the justification of killing, but the enemy is killing for the same misguided reason. It’s defending their homeland, but defense of their homeland is killing their enemy, which is usually the invaders.


Throughout history, we’ve been silencing the whistleblowers, and discrediting them through scandals. They attack the truth with lies, like missiles honed in on the truth. When they strike they blow them up into parts that never get put back together again, or like some Frankenstein monster. You decide on where the parts go to feed your political correctned hunger pains.

I cringe at the fascist justifications of elections that feed their fascist hunger. As long as their is a profit for war, the corporations that decorate themselves with ribbons of defense, get richer, and the caskets that get filled get larger in number.

I would like to deter the military defense corporations with threats of the poorhouse, but that would make me a terrorist, but if I was a politician or a representative of the state I would be a warrior hero.

The words that we choose is a tricky subject… it means one thing and to the other person it means another thing.

Another way to look at it, is you face one person, and ask him to raise his right hand, and you raise your right hand. His right hand is on your left, yet his right hand is on his right.

I’ll let you reflect on that, cause what I would say, will only make you defensive, and start another argument as a deterrence.