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Silence, isn’t the Way to Peace, it’s the result of Peace.

We need to think of this and digest that thought. I just heard Senator Bernie Sanders in this video, and I hear God too, but God doesn’t tell me to kill anyone, much less the Palestinians. I guess the truth takes time to become known, like it’s always darkest and cold before the dawn, then …

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1,977 Acres of the Illegal Settler’s Land,

Is Now the State of Israel Land. I guess it being illegal by international law, since you’re chosen by God, it doesn’t apply to you… or the other zionists in that Ego trap. I guess we should be thankful for God, for having mercy on your distorted Judaism, that you hijacked with zionist dreams and …

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2Rains – Always Believe in your Love

2Rains – Always Believe in your Love     Always Believe in your Love, was a love song to God and His Creation… Earth. I’ve come from a child in God’s eyes, and listened to all the stories of limited understandings in religions. I believed in all the stories, cause they opened my eyes to …

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“Pain Creates Passion”


— “Pain Creates Passion” —   I just finished watching the movie “The Space Between”. It was about a man learning his baby was not his, and he went to see the Father of the baby. In the journey to see the Father, he met a girl killing herself, or she was going to hang …

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AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —   I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that …

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Alone We Are Weak and Fragile

— Alone We Are Weak and Fragile, But Together we Are Invincible —     Alone I’m fragile and weak, but with the like minded, I’m an unstoppable force of change. That’s why I’m a hermit. I would do more damage than blessings to the world, I’m a monster in hiding. A cute cuddly monster …

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