“Pain Creates Passion”

— “Pain Creates Passion” —


painI just finished watching the movie “The Space Between”. It was about a man learning his baby was not his, and he went to see the Father of the baby. In the journey to see the Father, he met a girl killing herself, or she was going to hang herself from the tree in the middle of nowhere.

Mitch the distraught Dad that learned he wasn’t the biological father of his daughter, killed a bird on his drive to where the real father was, which interrupted Emily plans to kill herself. You have to see the movie, cause I can’t explain it.

The point I took away from the movie was Pain creates Passion, which was what Emily needed to learn.

I’ve thought about that point, and my whole life was filled with pain, it creates passion in me, but I would much rather be at peace and harmony.  That brings joy.

Pain brings only sorrow. Put the aftermath of pain brings passion.


What is Passion?


Passions can be wrong, as well as right

When I see the world in pain, it brings passion for truth. It reveals a bunch of deluded truths, and spokespersons take those truths, and uses it for their distortions and lies. Abusing the little truths, like the demons they listen to, they look to lead the masses.


The death count in Egypt is 305 in the mosque mass shooting. I see and feel their pain, but I wonder what kind of sick God blesses those acts.

It is a bunch of demons in the minds of those who call for these acts. They advocate for serving God, but God is merciful, but they are bearing swords to cut off the heads of the innocent.

Where is their mercy?

They don’t serve God. They serve their own distorted passions, and mask themselves with serving God.

Almost 30 children were gunned down in the mass shootings, Muslims shooting Muslims. It sounds like a lot of unhappy people searching for their happiness. It’s not God, they’re looking for.

God is found on the inside of every man, woman, and child… the Jihad that the book talked about was a battle to overcome your wrongful passions. Your battles is with yourselves.

I pray I’m making sense… misguided judgments rule the world now, but I pray that you see the truth before it’s too late.


“If you didn’t grow up like I did then you don’t know, and if you don’t know,
it’s probably better you don’t judge.”

― Junot Díaz