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David Lynch

A Mediator Between Society and Chill Pills(Mantras) Transcendental Meditation with David Lynch, it’s a dangerous mixture with life and solutions, this is the result on one man. It’s like someone took pictures of my life. He needs TM(Transcendental Meditation), and to make sense of his life, so he’s not so stressed out about his life. …

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2Rains – Over The Sea

2Rains – Over The Sea   This is a song I lamented about, comparing the seas as a metaphor. The blues I feel, is my own fault, and trying to understand  God, and I’m still left with questions.  I mean I understand God, the best I could, but never  truly understand God. “GOD is Spirit” …

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Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller

— Three Parties doesn’t make Govt smaller —     Three Parties is more than two parties. You grow another deformity to fly, or muck up the flight patterns. I don’t know, but I see it as big govt doing the same things to solve a problem, as they did before. The problem is big …

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Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli

cleansing our perceptions

— Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli Seaboard Rise — Update: I unboxed the Roli a week ago, and I haven’t heard what it can do, since the Roli doesn’t put in the package, the DVD with the Software of 2.5GB Equator Software on it. It doesn’t have the software on the machine and uses the …

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Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool

depressed fool

— Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool —   I‘m the depressed fool, and I’m even more depressed by the Black Hat hackers. I understand that hacking was once looked at as a defense in the beginning.  To seek the weaknesses of an OS, and show it to the public, but quickly turned into an alternative …

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Corporation’s Quests

corporation's quests

— Corporation’s Quests : Internet Dominance/Dictatorial —   The nations are old school, and the new players are the corporation’s quests to rule the world. Not every corporation is evil, but there are many, more than not that deal for profit, rather than what’s ethically right. This transformation is so subtle that you need a …

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