David Lynch

A Mediator Between
Society and Chill Pills(Mantras)

Transcendental Meditation with David Lynch, it’s a dangerous mixture with life and solutions, this is the result on one man.
It’s like someone took pictures of my life.

He needs TM(Transcendental Meditation), and to make sense of his life, so he’s not so stressed out about his life.

I’m just about a “moron”, as he judges other people for.
Moron = “A person of subnormal intelligence”

Well, I’m of paranormal intelligence = “Seemingly outside normal sensory channels”

A highly intelligent Moron… I’m just blowing my own horn.

But this isn’t about me, and blowing my own horn, it’s about transcendental meditation and David Lynch, I never enjoyed his movies, it was to somebodies liking’s, that he was successful with awards for those movies, like Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet, etc..
 I felt ripped off by watching them, especially Elephant Man for 2 hours to be presented with this line.

“I’m not an animal, I’m a human being”

I would have rathered watch a documentary on the disease in China. or other diseases like the Proteus Syndrome of Joseph Merrick.

To get back to TM, and and relieve the stress of everyday life, and the many situations, that would send you over the edge, and call everyone a moron. You need to breathe slowly, and clear your mind of judging morons.

Which is everybody, to me too.
I was all fire and brimstone with judgements of the world, before I realized my prayer time was TM, and I had the ride the horse of anger, and tame him from making my life a mess with destruction everywhere we walked… I had to take meditating on God, as an anger management tool.

Also the David Lynch Foundation brought the TM to schools, so students learn about the TM, it’s one of the good things that will bloom, or it will die…

This is a short video on Mantras… it’s the calm meditations, before the storms of life, that live on the turbulent surface… you need to go deep and explore the deepness of the soul.


I spent the last year visiting Alice in Wonderland with fantasies of everything that could exist, and does exist, but not in real life.

It opens the doors to planning, like a worktable for designs to be drawn to build your future… or you just fantasize erotic thoughts of those you know, or knew, or even virtually know, cause you saw them in a video on YouTube… though there are some, that weren’t erotic thoughts, just good virtual conversations.

There is many more videos about TM, I’ve gotten mesmerized by TM, and it’s meaning to me.
Which is in a narcissistic tone, cause I used the word “me”, and judge myself to quell the turbulence of my thoughts, that are on the surface… of the self/soul.

Below is a Playlist on Youtube, the end of the playlist is the “Golf ball” an analogy over and over again, so after you get sick of it, you can close it. There are 11 videos in this playlist … you can always click this to see all of the videos.

Prayer, communing with the Spirit of God… or the inner self… God to me is a collective of everyone alive and dead, and when you commune with God, you are at inner peace… which is the bliss you feel from TM.

“Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…”

This scripture is where I got the collective nature of God… with words like “US” and “OUR”  … which are that way in Torah too, then mankind went crazy, and made God like a dictator/tyrant, and Jesus came along and made peace in the minds of humanity… and brought the Holy Comforter and left it with us, which is the inner self, and when you go deep you are communing with God… and that’s the bliss of TM too… inner self brings inner peace.

Well, that’s my take of TM… I don’t need to pay a charlatan/teacher/pray to learn TM, I can do that in my own closet wrapped in the comfort of the Great spirit(God).

Matt 6:6
But you, when you pray, go into your room,

and when you have shut your door,
pray to your Father who is in the secret place;
and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

I have a problem with the larger prices of the teaching TM, so I made a post of making mantras yourself, and wish you the best in your journey towards TM.