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Aphasia Stroke Memories and Education

— Aphasia : Stroke Memories and Education — 09/15/2016 I want to share this story that lasted 3 years long, recovering from the stroke. I went through aphasia. It lasted 3 years, for me at least. Where people saw me, and never saw my pain. It was inside my being. I couldn’t express myself, the …

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Police Brutality : Protect and Serve?

— Police Brutality : Protect and Serve? Accuse and Murder? —   My Father was NYC Officer-Detective in the 50’s-70’s, and police brutality never was this way. Murders everyday on both sides, the police and the victims. I woke to this today, and another Cop shot someone, Philando Castile. We just got over the murder …

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Panic settings, live them with cheer!

panic attack

— Panic attack settings, live with them, with cheer in your Heart! —   I went online to FB, and wanted to turn off the notifications that I’m online. It seems that is no way in settings, it’s on the main page, “turn off chat” is all I had to do. Put it in “Settings” …

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Feelings #2


— Feelings #2 — Feelings is separated into two groups, mainly physical feelings, and emotional feelings. The latter one is more painful, cause no one else see your wounds. They judge you as being distant and so into yourself, narcissistic and unfriendly, but they don’t know you, they only think they know you. Instead of …

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