Feelings #2

— Feelings #2 —

Feelings is separated into two groups, mainly physical feelings, and emotional feelings. The latter one is more painful, cause no one else see your wounds. They judge you as being distant and so into yourself, narcissistic and unfriendly, but they don’t know you, they only think they know you.

Instead of whine about yourself and your pains, you’d rather be silent and try to get through on your own, but deep down you would rather connect with someone.

I’ll get back to the feelings, physical is made up of love and lust, they both are pleasurable, if you meet someone that has the same feelings as you, but they both are painful emotionally too, if you don’t feel the same way about each other. Usually one feels the pleasure and one feels the pain, or you both don’t care, and are indifferent to any commitments,  till that you both feel the pleasure physically.

When you feel emotional pain you tend to get quiet and confused by the feelings you have, but with pride you hide your feelings and go into yourself, like a turtle goes into its shell. Which I do more than not.

I’m just going over feelings and I’ve had some new perspectives, and I want to share them with you. The fact there are feelings and separate them into two groups, physical and emotional, it  is a very important separation to have in mind. It will bring enlightenment and understanding to those who seek it.

It also brings strength to those who are weak. When you understand something you are stronger and can take on the world, for another day.

When you are in emotional turmoil, you are confused, and are lamenting over the most trivial things, which is making you weaker, by draining your energy for nothing, and nothing is gained… and you end up weakened and carrying a whole lot of nothing.

Shed those burdens of nothingness off of your shoulders, cause you are beautiful to say the least, as everyone else alive on the planet today is. We judge others by their beliefs, but did it ever occur to you they look at life through a different lens, with another perspective, they see life differently. They don’t see through your rose colored glasses, which is blocking out the greyness of the horizon, and giving you a beautiful sunset instead.

Pain they say is good, because without it you wouldn’t feel alive, well I disagree with that, without it my life would be so peaceful and productive. There is a positive side to pain, when its absent from my life, I don’t miss it.

I still believe that emotions are the gateway to heaven, and what pain we cause in the world are the locks that lock us out, and forgiveness is the keys that open the locks.

I’ve been cast into Hell a 1000+ times, I didn’t do anything wrong, so I figure I’m meant in hell for whatever reason, like the Jeffrey Konvitz book, The Sentinel. A blind priest guarding the gates of hell like a prison guard who needs a successor, someone to take his place.

I thought Stephen King wrote it, but I was wrong, he wrote the Different Seasons a book with 4 short stories, which one of his short stories was the Shawshank Redemption, I’m not a reader per se, but being hurt and in bed for 4 months, I got into it.

Which brings up painful memories, so I’ll go into my shell… like a turtle…till next time.