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Netanyahu SPEAKS

BIBI is Losing His Mind. The Victory Over His Barbarism On  His Mental Health, is What He Should Seek. This is him crying victim before a group of his lobbyists, before the global supporters. I get sick while watching him, and I never got passed the first 5 minutes of the speech, but I wanted …

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Zionists vs Politicians

  Zionism is Colonialism With a New Mask The stereotypical versions of religious zealots, and politicians are both delusional, and capable of errors in their thinking, and decision making powers… but they are too proud to see it. Pride is a blinding factor of the whole view of the subject, that you have to make …

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The thought of Abortions

— The thought of Abortions, I’m anti abortion and pro choice… a conflicting mess —   I came across this setup, or a revelation of what’s going on in the abortion industry with Planned Parenthood, and here’s Media Matters defense of Planned Parenthood response. The above video is the unedited version of all the footage …

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