Netanyahu SPEAKS

BIBI is Losing His Mind.
The Victory Over His
Barbarism On  His Mental Health,
is What He Should Seek.

This is him crying victim before a group of his lobbyists, before the global supporters. I get sick while watching him, and I never got passed the first 5 minutes of the speech, but I wanted to share it with you… he says the same thing over and over again… he believes his own propaganda.

This one lie that you believe and you profess… cause you killed without trial of innocent Palestinians, along with a couple of Hamas retards… or mentally challenged, like you Netanyahu.
So, we see a couple of retards in the war ring battling it out… like a remake of bad Rocky movie… sorry Sylvester, no offense intended.

Hamas, not every Palestinian  is a terrorist. They are just sick of you being a bad warden, with your occupying of their prison sentences. They have one way out, through your checkpoints, or through the Rafah gate into Egypt… and they’re not welcome there.

Having to put up with you for 75+ years, it’s a wonder why they still breathe, or want to breathe anymore… they don’t have an airport, and they have to deal with you and Egypt to travel.

You’re the terrorist, and proud of it, you don’t listen to your own people, and you won’t have a new election that they call for. You’re a dictator not an elected official of a Democracy, and you want to avoid the corruption charges… which are minor, but blown out of proportion, cause they’re not happy with you.

I’m not happy with you either, but I’m not there, and you’re not telling me what to do, except by this speech for your lobbyists, who will have a say before our congress.

You want to defeat Hamas, I wish you would, and get it over with, cause AFP reports 28,985 Palestinians were killed, 127 in the last 24 hours.

You’re making us antisemitic with your justice on a whole race of people, and your Amalek reference brings back religion into the picture, so don’t say you are not condemning them for their faith…but you are.
Cause you’re a democracy, or so you say, and commit genocide, as a form of defense… is just about a ludicrous action, as you can get.

They aren’t attacking, so there is no need to defend… they’re spectators like the press, and woman and children that you killed, and are buried under the rubble of the ruins.

You’ve destroyed the whole of Gaza, with this war… and not Hamas, you’ve created more enemies of Israel in the future, by killing their families. Where they’re orphaned, and can be recruited into another terrorist organization.

Humanity is not easy to predict. Humanity is illogical, and can’t be treated logically as numbers in a math equation, or algorithm. They have an illogical will, which can be beautiful in creating illogical paintings or illogical artful musical creations. Even illogical stories are beautiful, it opens the doors to more thing to understand.

But you’re so shallow and blind, that you don’t see that, and I can’t reach you and teach you, and make you see, cause you don’t hear your own people… only the war cabinet, that were appointed by you.

Your contempt in your speech, and your lies that roll off your tongue, without remorse… it’s like you’re telling the truth… but blatantly lying.