Music or Wars

What to do?

I want to do music, and cause I’m anti-Zionist, NOT an anti-Semite, cause I see Arabs as Semitic too. Though it’s a game of semantics, and name calling, and it covers history too… since History was written by the winners, I know I can’t be sure, that it was not rewritten to fit their glory hole… and ours too.

I fooled with the Acid Loop program again, and this is what I came up with in my music production minus the FX, and compression techniques… ACID is good program, but the Zionist hackers… are at work, picking me as their target… They offered to ACID11 upgrade to me, and I said OK, and then it failed in the installation, and the VLC player stopped working.

I hate the self righteous mainly Zionists, I know I shouldn’t judge people, but it’s a nightmare for me, since that’s my job… or have an insight into it… a small voice, microscopic voice/vote.

Anyway, before I get sucked into a long rant, here is the Piano MP3, I made in Acid Music 11.

This is the thing of the Air Force veteran Aaron Bushnell, and his life was cut short in his protest, cause he died…his last words were “Free Palestine”… I counted 6 times, he screamed as he was burning.

Why do we have to Die? Is a blues song I want to sing… but I can’t sing.

But I can whine, like all humans semites do.

Why do we have to Die?

We die in shame
cause we lie
or we twist the truth
to deceive,
and dig us deeper
into the hole of shame

That’s why we die
It’s our nature to lie
without remorse
it’s the main course
on this menu of life
death is for the strife
And you have no wife
to do me any good in this life

you eat you eat
you ate you ate
You love, You Love
You Hate, You hate
Till the is no need to debate
Till there’s no need to debate anymore

Enjoy this … in Honor of Aaron Bushnell, and Syd Barrett