The thought of Abortions

— The thought of Abortions, I’m anti abortion and pro choice… a conflicting mess —


I came across this setup, or a revelation of what’s going on in the abortion industry with Planned Parenthood, and here’s Media Matters defense of Planned Parenthood response. The above video is the unedited version of all the footage of the undercover investigations, and not the edited version that started this.

The corruptions are tied to mankind’s love for money and profit, that seems to dirty everything it touches. The thought of murdering to feed the organs donations, is a bit sicko to me, but I already feel ashamed that I’m part of this sick world. The indifference is drowning me…

I just wanted to make a statement for life, and hope that you understand. You know that they tell you lies for the sake of the money god, and patting themselves on the back that they care what happens to you. I’m sure some of them do, but it depends on their upbringing… I may be too prejudicial, but I may be mad at the wrong things.

When money comes into the picture, corruptions aren’t far behind. Corruptions are like fields of lies and deceptions. If you know the invasive nature of weeds, they want to dominate the field…we all are weeds sometimes in our lives.

This preemptive abortion of life from ever beginning, is a murder in my book… but the case of assuming they should come to terms of the pregnancy, is unfair, if they were raped or is dangerous to their health, then abortions should be justified, but the promiscuity factor just makes the whoredoms grows stronger, which makes this country the morally low, instead of the morally high.

You need a high point, to view the whole picture, otherwise you are just another low life, ignorant of the whole picture. The circumstances that brought about the pregnancy, and the reasons for seeking termination.

I don’t claim to know what’s right for you, I see each case as a separate case, I view abortions as a State induced murder, pretty much close to genocide. If the mother wanted to kill the baby, then she is complicit in the genocide… I sit in the middle of the road to abortion… and some instances are justified, and some it’s a murder.

Each murder is justified, or an escape from accountability, which is the work of govt… at least this present day govt. They fund selective genocides based on doing good, giving women the choice, but doing that is not the right thing to do, it’s an open door to unaccountability… this is just my opinion, however narrowminded you see it.