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Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – Lies


— Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – I’m Tired of the Lies —     From the corporate lies and the political lies, it’s a mess. The growing of weeds at an exponential rate in this garden of a world. It’s out of control. Do I sound hopeless, and in despair? Despair is a heavy burden to …

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The Winter Sermon

— The Winter Sermon —       I was looking through an old Cassette tape I made, and this was written the flyer I made up… click here to hear spacey music during the read.       The Winter Sermon In everyone’s life there is a time when we experience a loss, and …

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— Astrophe ??? —   I looked it up and the spell correcter said it was apostrophe, and then it wanted to place atrophy in its place, I knew I wasn’t spelling it wrong. Google returned a lot of Cat-astrophe, so I determined this is a crisis in the making word. Just put another word …

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