The Winter Sermon

— The Winter Sermon —




I was looking through an old Cassette tape I made, and this was written the flyer I made up… click here to hear spacey music during the read.




The Winter Sermon

In everyone’s life there is a time when we experience a loss, and we deal with the confrontation of grief. If we do not find the will to understand, we fall deeper into a pit of depression. It is in prayer and the humbleness that one finds in their own mortality, that enables us to reach that understanding we need.

If one can not learn to accept a loss, then one is captured in a circle of hate and despair, and blames the world, or someone else for the absence of what was once desired. It is not in self-condemnation, or in the judgment of others, that will free us from the weight of grief, and allow us to surface from the pit of sorrows. It is in “Letting Go” of the desire that bonds to the confusion of so many unfavorable feelings, that allows us to see the path in front of us so clearly.

Our pride is the force behind that desire, and our love is the force which allows us to regulate our pride’s output. Anger weighs on the prideful side and mercy is on the loving side. Depending on the situation, we must learn to balance between the two opposing forces. The difference between an improper or proper balance, could take on the comparisons of yourself in the midst of a forest fire, or you with a torch in your hand. One immobilizes you and the other enlightens you.

A tree loses it’s leaves in Winter, only to bud again in the Spring. It does not say “I have no reason to go on”, instead it continues to grow, even if, only for a few more inches. So it is with ourselves, we continue to grow! Experience the understandings in prayer, and discern between the light that reveals and the light that blinds.

There is a saying “as one door shuts, another one opens”. We only experience what our faith will allow us to see. It is in our hearts, that we wonder if tomorrow will be, but the truth is tomorrow will be, and only by our actions and our thoughts will it determine what tomorrow will be for us.


 “There is no such thing as a “Self Made” man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success.”  — George Matthew Adams



Matthew 5:1-14