— Astrophe ??? —


I looked it up and the spell correcter said it was apostrophe, and then it wanted to place atrophy in its place, I knew I wasn’t spelling it wrong. Google returned a lot of Cat-astrophe, so I determined this is a crisis in the making word. Just put another word before it as a prefix, and it’s a mess made from the cat, dog, or yourself… it can even be events.

Like a shitastrophe was the story of dog locked in a kennel and he shit in the kennel and shit all over himself, it was real shitastrophe.

Well I got the word from this video, and the rest of the hour after watching this video was finding what the word meant, I’m only guessing here.

Astrophe = a suffix to put at the end of a word that means a mess by an animal, situation, or event that brings clean up work and cursing.



Lifeastrophe, I made up a new word, to describe this world with all the various messes that we make, and never deliver solutions, we deliver a lot of anger and stresses, which in turn, are sort of pushes towards the solutions.

I came away with this as meaning I’ve grown accustomed to, it’s like a prison, the world. I don’t belong here, I say like an innocent man in the cell of life. May be a bit extreme for some, but not in the solitude that I go through daily, and not go mad.

With all the religions, which is different from piety, piety is good. Religions are man made organizations, like political parties that start all the wars, and the politics that design the weapons and diplomacies that fight or stagnate the situations that bring about a war, it’s hard not feel despair, and the shallowness to wipe that problem with the rag of apathy, to wipe it from your mind with some form of shallow entertainment with the media.

Utter despair and indifference is the food that we feed our children, with the terrors that we put up with in this world.

I have always felt like a prisoner all of my life, that I didn’t belong here, that was before I was put in the wheelchair, after the accident, it only made me feel justified in my anger. That was my introduction to God, and I felt blessed and my anger dissolved in the watering of truth, but the water was polluted by the world’s politics and religions, cause it’s filled with lies, and not even getting into the financialastrophe with banking industry, which is toxic to humanity.

But I’ll smile and wait for God to sort it out, and I’ll help when I can, but worrying about it is very stressful for the worrier. My Dad, said “do your best, and be happy with that, … if you do your best, then I’m happy with that” when he was scolding me for bad grades, when I was a kid, and it touched me all my life, those pearls of wisdom in his love.

Do your best, cause that’s all you can do, and no one should judge you, but you, but know that you can always do better, you just aren’t there yet.


Searchastrophe anthem is this Song “Looking for Freedom“, I like this song with all the bluesy feel that it has, the real freedom does not exist in this world, but it must be sought after or the world will be dictastrophe, if we surrender to despair.