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Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs

— Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs —   The space aliens are very close to my heart and mind, cause I’ve witnessed first hand my encounters with aliens/UFOs. There are other credible people with USAF, NASA, and a Canadian Minister of Defense, that spoke out on the space aliens of what they know …

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Republican 5th Debate


— Republican 5th Debate : The Debates of Fools —   I sat through the 5th Republican debate of 2015, and they said the same things in the previous debates. They want to protect the American people, by killing those who threaten our way of life. It’s the words of thugs, we’ll do the drive …

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The Pride : The link to Anger and Destruction


— Pride  :  The link to Anger —   Anger(2013) by okapi   Pride is linked to Anger through a defense mechanism. If it feels threatened it sets anger outside its doors. Pride needs a defensive warrior, and anger is that warrior. Pride is the initiator of the defense, cause that sets up the anger …

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IDECs what is happening?

— IDECs what is happening to this world ? — International Defense Exhibitions Conference where they showcase the weapons of war for sale or contractual agreements. This showcase is an advertisement for our sins … it’s like shitting in public. I find it offensive, but the war pigs find it gnarly and attractive… like the …

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