Republican 5th Debate

— Republican 5th Debate : The Debates of Fools —


I sat through the 5th Republican debate of 2015, and they said the same things in the previous debates. They want to protect the American people, by killing those who threaten our way of life.

It’s the words of thugs, we’ll do the drive by’s before they do, and we’ll be protected with a slow decay, rather than a violent one. I see no protection, when we all die. We take away their freedoms, and in doing that, they take away our freedoms with fear based reasonings.

It’s not protecting our freedoms when we live in a cage designed by our leaders. They live in fears, and they want us to live in fear, to justify what they do. Which is usually killing, and being a terrorist first to our enemies, before they enact their threats on us.

I sat through all the rhetoric of campaign promises that will never be fulfilled, and most likely will increase our debt, cause that’s the reoccurrence of every election, that has occurred since I was born. I know from my own mind that it has lost it’s vigor of youth, and I wouldn’t trust my own decisions, much less the current Republican candidates.


We need a leader with the integrity that wouldn’t be swayed by the $$$ temptations, and have the balls to be true, rather than their tail covering lies for the votes. They are looking to manipulate the public, they are playing you like fools with the help of mainstream media.

They peddle lies, and talk what they’d like to do, like a charlatan selling a miracle elixir. Cure your own ills with this elixir. Sure, you drink it first, you say.

I was crushed by the 1st Bush presidency advocating a new world order, with Kuwait stealing oil from Iraq with horizontal slant drilling, and Hussein invaded Kuwait. The lies of human babies being denied incubators, was the way towards that new world order.

The bait and switch mentality was the leadership of that new world order… if that’s the leadership of the new world order, than what’s the difference from making love to the devil in hell.


All I see is the destructions of the military bombardments, making more hell on earth.

If I wanted to be in heaven with the new world order, it would require me to not infringe on anyone’s freedom, and make sure they don’t infringe on my freedoms. It requires communication to do that… which I’m totally lacking.

I guess whatever the majority decides, I’m left to face whatever, whatever is. I can run for the presidency too, but you need money and a lying tongue, and I’m too into telling the truth to succeed.

I have integrity, at least in telling the truth.