The Pride : The link to Anger and Destruction

— Pride  :  The link to Anger —


Anger(2013) by okapi


Pride is linked to Anger through a defense mechanism. If it feels threatened it sets anger outside its doors. Pride needs a defensive warrior, and anger is that warrior.

Pride is the initiator of the defense, cause that sets up the anger to defend. Anger and pride work in cahoots. To their nefarious ways, or not so nefarious ways, but the ways are always in question.

Pride is good in bite size chunks. In fact, they’re treats, but when they’re all your diet, it can get annoying to you, and everyone you see. It becomes an obsession, almost blind to you, but not to others.

You meet a fellow pride fool being proud of an opposing view of what you’re proud of. Then you get into an argument. Debate class all over again. You want to let the anger warriors loose, and watch it for your entertainment. Or you just chase your tail, and go around in circles hearing the same old rhetoric again and again.

I never was a fan of debates, they lived to argue. I would rather argue to find common ground, not to conquer the other argumenter, and have him/her surrender to your point of view.

It would be a sad world, oh that already goes on in the world today. We have dictators telling everyone what to do.


Conclusion of Pride and Anger

We’re already defeated from having our point of view without the challenge from some dictator’s mentality. I guess that’s the farcical freedom that we all celebrate every 4th of July, but that’s been diluted over and over again. That the meaning is unrecognizable, except for a few moments of reflection, of what freedom means.

I can answer that. Believe me, you won’t be too happy with that answer. Let’s just say I see it as a farce, a false freedom. Which calls the anger warriors to guard the pride doors, which makes me retreat into my prison cell of pride.

I need to stop writing this blog. I’m writing what is on my heart, which is untamed truth, and not worded right. It’s more like a babbling brook of truth. It’s refreshing to the thirsty, but dirty water to the most clean freaks. You need a Lifestraw bottle filter.

I’m just bubbling with truth or distorted lies, I have the pressures bubbling up inside of me… and I have to let it out.