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Starlink is NOT worth it

Musk is the Dusk of Mankind’s Dark Future Night Starlink is a total takeover of mankind’s freedom… I’m sorry if that seems so quick to judge, but the customer service is non existent, and the forums are praising Musk, like he’s infallible… sorry I disagree… he’s as fallible as the rest of us are. I …

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Democracy is it the Salvation Govt?

Democracy is it the only Choice Democracy isn’t the perfect Govt, nor is the opposite chaotic international Federalism, which I studied in college. I wanted to make an independent study major, which was designed by a Professor at NEC (sister campus), Arundel, UK,  which closed in 1998. There I was, until a death in my …

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Do you Mind, Uploading your Mind


— Uploading your Mind —  This blog/rant is way of uploading my mind for all to see.  I think my words are living in the past, present, and the future about life. Which is a dream for all bloggers. I have something to say. Sometimes I wished, I was silent, but I speak/type, and the …

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