Do you Mind, Uploading your Mind

— Uploading your Mind —

 This blog/rant is way of uploading my mind for all to see.  I think my words are living in the past, present, and the future about life. Which is a dream for all bloggers.

I have something to say. Sometimes I wished, I was silent, but I speak/type, and the cat’s out of the bag.


I wish I was silent now. Like going on FB is addictive, the socializing bug bit me over 3 years ago, and I never was the same.

Every time I interacted with the web, I’m uploading a portion of my mind. To plant the seeds that were given to me in my meditations. Before seeing this video, I never thought the way I do now. So I see it, in whole new way now, a different perspective of an object of thought.

Each line is to be studied, until it is to be understood.

Each time I sent an email, I chose to share my thoughts with someone else in the world. The internet is just big database for the AI machine. The subconscious of the world’s society. It’s there, just only the recall is lacking. There are many errors.



I‘m uploading a microscopic portion of my mind with this share. It covers the most anyone has seen of my mind. There are many pearls that I don’t want to share with you in a public forum, cause you might not value them as I do.

That’s what Jesus meant from “neither cast your pearls before swine”, cause when they get joy from rolling around in the mud. Your pearls are lost, and even more disgust from having to look through the mud to get your pearl again, or even if you find them again.

So don’t be so quick to share unless you’re with like minded people. Cause they will value it, as much as you do.

So this is a pearl, the thought of interacting with the web, you’re sharing a piece of your mind, whether it’s in forums, walls, email, etc.. You’re interacting with the world wide web, the AI singularity, new world order, global politics, whatever you want to call it, it’s happening as we speak/type.

You can trample it in the mud, but it lives on as a blog… it opens the horizons up for all who think about it. It’s called the Butterfly effect, one thought leads to another thought, and so on and on.