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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Mathematics or Mysticism… Mystery or Magic


— Mathematics or Mysticism ? —   “Mathematics is only a language, it evolved from the embryo stage of mysticism.” — unknown   Mysticism were the first words we learned, because the truth was too various and massive for the human mind to comprehend. Mathematics was difficult to understand at first, although it explained the …

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Smart Cities and Smart Cars

smart cities

— Smart Cities and Smart Cars —   Smart everything, except the people. We label everything as smart, and it doesn’t matter that we degrade ourselves in the process. AEB(automatic emergency braking) is being mandated on all new cars, meaning the braking is out of your control, and is control of a computer chip instead. …

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The Hackers have exponentially Grown

hackers - young is vigorous, old is decrepit

— The Hackers have exponentially Grown —   Hackers have exponentially grown, the bad hackers and the good hackers. I’ll use the term hackers as forces, but not the what the term usually means… the technological savvy looking for back doors into software and OS’s. There are dark hackers and light hackers, the number of …

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