Smart Cities and Smart Cars

— Smart Cities and Smart Cars —


Smart everything, except the people. We label everything as smart, and it doesn’t matter that we degrade ourselves in the process.

AEB(automatic emergency braking) is being mandated on all new cars, meaning the braking is out of your control, and is control of a computer chip instead. We all know the reliability of computers with their errors. What happens when their is a bug in the system?

“My computer doesn’t say you paid.”.

We want to develop smart cities, smart roads, and smart cars that drive themselves. The transition to that existence requires a dictator, and that has a problem with the corporations that want power. Where they buy the power to reach their goals. The dictator doesn’t need to be flesh and blood, it’s more like chips and programs.

This a deep subject that requires a lot of words, and if you don’t like to think, and try to understand, then you better stop reading, and go onto something simple.


So you want a megalopolis? It’s a nightmare ahead, or a blessed dream, depending on mankind’s ability to change, determines what it is.

It’s true computers are a great aid, but when they’re in control of our lives, it’s a heavy burden that we look to get off our back, like the familiar monkey on my back describing an addiction to a drug. I had a Dad that was always talking about drug addictions, that he developed as a NYC cop, and I saw his points, but I went on to see every addiction as a drug.

Money, politics, medicine, vitamins, food, etc, the list is long. Every thing that makes us dumb is a drug. Everything that we view as a need, is a drug.

“We need it”, are said by the junkies on the smart roads of life, talking on the smart phones, while driving the smart cars and being the dumb slobs. That was cruel, but it’s my view of modern life.

I agree we need many sensors on the new smart cars, that will have two way communications with the road sensors. I see it as a reality in a 100 years, rather than 10 years for those in the exponential mode of progression. They’re in a rush, and they feel like doom is around the corner.

Haste makes waste.

They should be so determinate on their own lives, instead of the profits they make from the rushing.

So watch the video, I’m out of fuel for words… take my words with video.