Mathematics or Mysticism… Mystery or Magic

— Mathematics or Mysticism ? —


“Mathematics is only a language, it evolved from the embryo stage of mysticism.”unknown


Mysticism were the first words we learned, because the truth was too various and massive for the human mind to comprehend. Mathematics was difficult to understand at first, although it explained the correlations of life itself.

Mathematics explained the mysticism into oblivion.

It erased the mysteries, like they never existed, and made sense of something, that we could grab hold of, and erased our mental confusions.

To go from the spirituality of mysticism to the physicality of mathematics is recipe for insanity, if it’s too much leaning to one side or the other.

The mathematicians of this world, is what I had the talent of before my stroke. After the stroke, I went into a trance every time I looked at a page of numbers. It made my mind lock up.

So the corners of the brain that deals with numbers, and once you have that talent, it becomes disabling when you don’t have that talent anymore.

It becomes so unfamiliar… you stare into space, cause the data that was there before, was gone now.

Like the locking up of a computer, and it needs a rebooting.


Parasites of Copyright

I saw this Nova documentary on PBS this morning called the The Great Math Mystery. It seems the copyright parasites, and all that was allowed is a commercial, rather than the full documentary. The sharing nature is developing a greed tumor on the makeup of society.



Mystery of Mathematics

It talks of all the explanations between the physical world and math, and uses math as a perception tool to understand it mentally.

It’s most understood by mathematicians, that explains and erases the mysticism. It makes it more real physically, and tangible to the mind.

Mathematics is a study of numbers to interpret our world, but I see it as a delusional perception of this world, unless tamed, and always under your control, and not growing wildly spreading delusions like weeds. There has to be some rationality to the perception to bring clarity to the view, or it will be a foggy mess.

Mathematics is the new language to understand the technicality of the world and will be all of our lives, but all the good coming from math, is just about as equal to all the evil coming from math. Right and wrong, good and evil exists in everything in this world. Take time to reflect on that for a minute. Your inner voice will tell yourself what you need to know.

The dangers of mathematics, and its deteriorating effects on the soul. It makes the soul so unempathetic, lacking empathy with others, and more like a robot. Logical and cold, like a machine.


The Religions of Mathematics

Math is a tool like any other knowledge, the more you glorify it, the more mystical you make it. The more mysteries you look to create, that you will solve through mathematics.

Mysticism just made religions more powerful, like mathematics makes the tech field more powerful, it changes the clothes of the priests from robes to suits and casual wear. The same titles and the same egos, which is making the same mistakes.

The power corrupts the mind… thus causing the same errors.

History repeats itself, over and over.

It only changes with the revelations of truth that is recognized, sometimes unwarily, and sometimes more important than any other knowledge.