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PCs & Me.

The New Birth of Me & PCs Collide. I was extremely depressed before my breaking my back, bordering on suicidal, where I tried to OD on PCP, and woke up blind, and told my Colonel commanding officer to “Fuck Off” through a closed door, cause he was knocking on my door to inspect my dorm …

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Cody Jinks – I Cast No Stones.

I Am Not Your Judge. It’s like I wrote this song… cause it’s the way I feel too. There is always someone on their soapbox yelling for a cause, which I do sometimes too. It’s usually when I’m forced to, by some ethical questioning, and I have to have an answer for it. I can …

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The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright


— The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright —   I feel like the twisters in this soul of Tomidjah, is tearing me apart. I’m an egocentric narcissist right now. I’m sworn to truth before God. It takes a toll on my body and my mind, which is me in total. The weather …

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