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Languages : The doorway to infinity

— Languages : The Doorway to Infinity —     Jason Silva and Kevin Kelly voices the languages to be the first singularity that we experienced as humankind. Whether we were planted here as a seed or created, I don’t know, but how language came about we can only conjecture at. Did it always exist …

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Religions Madness

— Religions Madness – delusions gone wild —       The catholic church at the beginning canonized the bible by editing out some books that were apocryphal. The early scriptures were a form of spirit based, but fleshly delusional. God is Spirit… so the spiritual influence is of God, but that’s where the delusions …

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Tomidjah’s Babble on

— Tomidjah’s Babble on —   If you want to hear music while you read, then this is the music I chose…it’s relaxing… my babble on music   Fantasyland is my Babylon, my sins, and has me fighting to get out of bed in the morning. Vices galore in those fantasies, though not harmful to …

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