Tomidjah’s Babble on

— Tomidjah’s Babble on —


If you want to hear music while you read, then this is the music I chose…it’s relaxing… my babble on music


Fantasyland is my Babylon, my sins, and has me fighting to get out of bed in the morning. Vices galore in those fantasies, though not harmful to anyone but myself.

When I hear NO, I back off.

It’s in my mind, and no one elses… I bond with the like minded in my fantasies.

We all fantasize in front of mirrors usually of who we want to talk to, also in our own minds of who we want to have power over. We all are dictators towards our own happiness. Anyone who says they don’t fantasize, is a liar in my book.

My book is the witnesses of this world, all the religions, political, and sciences that is used to determine understanding from this world. God gives all understandings


We are all under the microscope of God, we are on the slides, with the aliens/angels, and God is studying the slide and determining the disease, and if there is a cure or not.

God doesn’t live in the Universe, that God created, God studies it… and looks to make it better, as all inventors do.

God experiments with those who hear God, and lives through us with love and forgiveness, that is good and in all the books of religions. God has a darkside too, and that is jealousy, that God is ashamed of, God repented after the flood.  When God gets jealous, look out, someone’s going to die, cause the violent hear the jealous God.

The tyranny and violence of the jealous God, is everyday in the modern world.

What gets God jealous?

It’s the injustice and that makes the dumb and violent hear God, and they can’t understand God, but they need to let it known that they hear God too, and their misinterpretation is a violent act.

God is only voicing God’s displeasure with the sins of the world.

God is not under our microscope, cause God can’t fit under a microscope… God is capable of being so small where we don’t detect God, but also s large that we can’t see all of God. The number of extremes that God is capable of is numberless, it is infinite. The size of the universe is amazing in itself, as we learn of this creation.


What caused the big bang in the first place?


According to the Abrahamic religions, which I adhere to, but the misinterpretations, I do not adhere to, but the understanding of God I found through those scriptures, occasionally a few understandings from other religions too, but mostly from the Christian bible.

The teachings of Jesus, he had the power to become violent and raise armies, but chose to be quiet and be faithful to what he believed, and stick to his integrity of the principles of love and truth. The story of the cross, though Muslims don’t believe that it happened, there must be some proof that it happened, or maybe it’s a parable that the jihadist could relate to.

If Jesus was a prophet, then it could be a parable that Muslims could tell each other, to quell their fears from God’s anger, cause that’s all they hear.  They talk of love and forgiveness, but they choose the love of power, and only forgive their own sins… which isn’t God.

God is asking them to judge themselves, instead of others.

I’m coming to the end of the babble, whether you had a drink of sanity and rationality, I wish you Godspeed in understanding what seems to be not understandable, cause with God nothing is not understandable or impossible.

You need to take that atheistic chip off your shoulder, and stop denying that God exists, cause God is the lifeforce that inhabits every lifeform in the universe. God needs to be discovered by science, instead of excused by science, cause they can’t prove God.


“God is spirit”


You have to study the spirit, to know God… and the spirit isn’t physical, though the spirit rules over the physical… and science studies the physical and material world. The world is dead in the cold rationalization of science without the spiritual side of science.

I see it as the wedding that Jesus spoke of, where the science and logic side of humankind, marries the spiritual side of humanity, the bride and groom dance, and the world celebrates.

I guess we’ll have to wait for Jesus to return, to find out if that theory is true, but I’m guessing it’s true, and going by faith that it’s true.

That’s all we can do, is believe by faith… whether it’s capitalism, Catholicism, communism, and whatever you want to believe, it’s cemented in your mind with faith. That is all we have, it brought every good thing into this world, along with every bad thing too.

“Understanding” is a spiritual phenomenon… think about that…and you have more to learn from your spiritual side… even the hardcore atheist, remember God is the most forgiving and merciful.