God and Space !

— God and Space :  We must never Give Up ! —


Though I agree with his skepticism and logic, he’s a blind man, that is blind to the truth, that keeps hitting him in the face over and over. He sees stars, and confuses it with wisdom. He uses the metaphor of fishing for souls, much like Jesus did, but I don’t think his message was as supernatural as Jesus’ was.

I believe in the supernatural, the mysterious coincidences that rifle our lives, and sharpen our outlooks on life. They make us better people, rather than the proud fools running for offices of power.

It can’t be measured, the rewards of faith, it only marvels the unbelieving. If mankind was without faith, then mankind would be dead and extinct. We need faith to take the next step along the path we choose, we need faith in the supernatural, cause that’s our future.

The supernatural to me is something that can’t be measured or quantified, it’s mysterious as the universe and space. My mind can’t understand it. I can only conjecture the understanding, which may be totally wrong or a lucky guess.

The singularity is only a dream or a nightmare, depending on your views and beliefs. It’s a nightmare for me, cause it molds us into a cold case, and takes our humanness away. Emotions are what makes us human, all I see is the coldness of logic and math/algorithm, that’s our future, according to the singularity.


God is Supernatural

God and space is the supernatural for me, and I’ve experienced it first hand, and I would be remiss to view as it as a false belief. I would have to be retarded to view it, as not supernatural. It was definitely a supernatural experience, a number of times that I lost count of, when my car accident was over 38 years ago , and are still happening to this day.

Of course the darkside is taking potshots too, but the charging of the lightside takes over and charges the faith, that the darkside drains.

Trump would call me a loser, cause I don’t value the things that he values, but I beg to differ, which makes me again a loser in his eyes, a beggar.

I see the world as a place of grace, that we inhabit, not for a price, but for a graceful blessing. Prices are an abuse of grace… but that’s the law, who am I to argue.


Seek Understanding

We must never give up trying to understand what’s not quantifiable. What’s not to be measured is the source of all life itself.

Any critical thinker is free, that to deny that it exists, is destroying the next day, our future, and our offspring’s future.

God and Space marries the 3D world with the Spiritual world, with all their endless dimensions… or levels. It’s how you perceive life itself, that determines how you name the experiences with the words that you understand.

Your languages are your walls that you feel and build. They bring confusion, which are locks, or bring understanding, which are enlightenments, and wide open places where you see an endless horizons.


The Conclusion of God and Space

The inspirations of God and space are many. It’s requiring you to see the most obscure point, so clearly in your everyday routines. Where simplicity is a marvel to you. Where you don’t see it as simple and plain, but as a marvel to be thankful for. Sincerely, not patronizingly, where your heart is true to the feelings.

Not espousing a phoniness, but a sincerity. Espousing what you don’t feel will be a detriment to you in the long term.

Even the scientist believes that point, where he looks to fail, rather than get lucky and succeed, cause luck is unquantifiable. It can’t be measured with scientific tools, it can only be enjoyed. Studies can study it, and record the statistics of the luckiness factor, but not experience the joy. That luckiness brings the recipient.

I find it grace in all the aspects of life, that’s filled with luck, but that’s just me. Or others may find that true too.

I firmly believe in faith. It’s a fact, that faith based inventions rule the world. If they didn’t have faith, then nothing of great worth would ever be invented. They were inspired by the failures of great men, that eventually came true.

God and space is a clear picture of the unknowable and the knowable. Giving a clear rationalization of the overall picture. There’s nothing more sane than that. Knowing what you do not know, and be happy knowing that.


“The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.” — Oscar Wilde