2 Way Communications of Chip Cards

— 2 Way Communications of Chip Cards VS 1 Way of Magnetic Strip Cards —




The chip cards offers 2 way communications, rather than the 1 way communications, offered by the magnetic strip. I’ve thought about this a lot, when I was forced into getting a chipped card.

They said it was best for me, as far as security. I didn’t buy that.



It made it a mess for me, when I went to the store. And I had to leave the card in the slot, until they OK’d it.  I wondered what the difference was with re-encoding the magnetic strip, and writing to the chip, and I thought about it a lot.

It gives more power to the corporations and the banks.


Corporations feed the banks, and the banks feed corporations. It’s a nice closed system.

I’m not against corporations or banks, but when they become part of the governing system, the corruption grows wild, and it propagates at an exponential rate. Corporations are governed by profit, as well as the banks.

I’m governed by truth and freedom, I don’t want anything to do with money governing me. Money is applicable, I give it that, but LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Corruptions grow wild in that environment.

The common people (the public) lose their freedoms. That it never goes back, unless another war is placed to change it back again.



The 2 Way Communications of the Chip Cards

The dangers of the 2 way communications, it deals with the prophecies of the major religions. Where the beast prophesied in Revelations is tabulating everything that is bought and sold. The mark of him is on our hand or on our forehead, if we want to buy and sell.

It might be a self fulfilling prophesy, but it doesn’t matter which came first, the chicken or the egg.

It’s happening now.

They tabulate the series of transactions, and fill them in a database. That they have access to, and make actions based on the info provided them. If corruption grows wild at an exponential rate, and tyranny takes over, whose to say that all the leaders aren’t mad.

We could ban people from buying, with the 2way communications on the chipped cards.

Or supply them with poisons, cause they spout off with truth.


I wanted to bring this up to your minds in a rational way, so that you’ll be given at least, divine insight. The divinity that I speak of, is of inside you and everyone else in the world.

Maybe, that I don’t see it yet, cause I don’t know what I see yet, but it definitely looks fishy. It needs a closer look, and more research.

Corruptions thrive on such flippancy. They propagate at an exponential rate when they are ignored. It’s like weeds in your garden, they steal nutrients from your crop. We are trying to rebuild an economy, or are we trying to achieve bankruptcy. One way is good and the road to freedom, and the other is the way to enslavement.

I choose the road to liberty.


Conclusion of the 2 way of the Chip Cards

God talks to everyone. God is the spirit in everyone, and how you recognize God is up to you. It may be a conceited intellect, or a common man’s piousness, but it’s God, no matter. God will be your end, cause God was your beginning.

God is the most puzzling piece of info that this world offers. What is God?

That needs to be discovered, and it will be.

Jesus said that “God is Spirit”. The only thing is ” What is spirit?”, it is left a mystery.

Whether it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, it’s happening, as we speak/think. It can be rational and good, or hysterical and tyrannical.


I‘m leaving it up to you to find the truth. I’m only bringing up, what I think, you’ve overlooked. You can be flippant, and ignore my arrogance, but does it solve your problems?

I’ll leave you now, but I said it… with a warning.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but you need to setup safeguards with your govt.