Memories: Are they fear or hope ?

— Memories: fear or hope —

I was laying bed and was watching Blade Runner with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, and during the movie they brought up the memory factor.

Also, I see memories as chains delivering hope or fear, guidance or danger, connecting with everyone on the planet who lives.

I may be wrong, I don’t expect it to be right. It’s only been my memory from the times that I believed. The memory, only led me down a dark road.

It turned out by chance, it could be a good road or a very bad road.

It brought me confusion or enlightenment, I preferred the enlightenment part. Over the years, I found confusion more than enlightenment.


I went through many memories in my life that brought me pain and brought me joy, but they enslaved me or freed me. It was my only weak point, in understanding the theory of memories.


This is the end scene from the Blade Runner, where Rutger Hauer gives a speech before he expires.


He talked of those fleeting moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain, after he died in melodramatic way, well it was a drama.


It wasn’t a very good movie, but it touched upon the world. What it was supposed to look like in a couple of years. It was majorly wrong when it claimed we went to interstellar travel, we only dream of that today.

We want to bring all the world’s problems up there in space, we are such an arrogant planet.  This took place about 5 years in the future, supposedly. I hope it doesn’t have lifelike robots by then.


Conclusion of Fear and Hope

I‘m about have an empty tank of words, so I’ll sputter to the finish line with NO TEARS by James Blunt.

I’ve done everything I could in this world. I’m at my wit’s end. Since it’s Labor Day here in the US, I need to get ready for winter.

It creeps up on you like a lazy squirrel, who didn’t collect his nuts.