What’s on the Internet? Truth or Falsehoods?

— What’s on the Internet? Truth or Falsehoods? —


truthWhat’s true on the internet, and what’s sounds like it’s true, but is load of BS? The daily take is trying to make the people dumb by a CIA project called many names.

With the rise of the Cyber War propaganda, I don’t know who to believe, or even if I have to believe anymore. I seek the peace inside of myself first. All the other peaces out there in the world, will only confirm my peace or destroy it. So I’m at war, and I didn’t start it.


I seek the peace that is born from the truth. All the other lies born out of chaos will die without me. This war is seeking to kill truth, and has had many times in my life. The falsities that I believed were true, turned out to be lies passed by mankind and their embellishments.

Like a web of confusing lies that stick and stick. The more you struggle to understand, the more you tangle yourself in confusion. The spiders spin their webs of confusion to place you in a cocoon for a future meal.

Another one bites the dust.


There’s a disinformation program that was known to be active when I was 18 years old, and even years before then. It turned out to be in an evolution, to become more sinister over the years since then.

The dirtiness of the govt, is revealed with the new scandals, and the new toys take their place to distract the public, and the scandals go into oblivion in the minds of the public. To be forgotten and thought of no more.




FB hired a third party to fact check

The numbers of fake news stories is running rampant on the web. FB started choosing the fact checkers. Like a spell checker highlights misspelled words, they would label fake news.

There is a danger in that, just because it goes against their agenda, they can label it fake.


With Trump running the country as a business, instead of an administration of the executives, we grow closer to fascism. I’m no expert, but I see a lot of dangers in fascism. Where profits replace the people’s will.

Profits become center stage in the leaders’ minds, and the public/people are in the circus audience. It’s the greatest con show on Earth. The people become a commodity.

The bounce that Trump talked about, this guy can explain it to you. I don’t know what it’s about. Maybe Trump could explain the bounce to us.


More Disinformation from the CIA

I once believed that the CIA couldn’t lie, but that quickly disappeared. The moment I saw the real agendas behind them. Their agendas were to manipulate the political opinions of the world’s nations.

What gives them the right to manipulate? Along with the KGB…that changed their name to some many other acronyms.

Then they came out with this report of Russian hacking to manipulate the opinions of the American people. I wonder if the news is news anymore. The leaks of the news buckets is the news. The truth leaks out eventually.




It’s a sad state of affairs when truth is murdered every second of every day by the press. They can lie to their heart’s content, it doesn’t change the fact that you murdered the truth in the process. The disinfo program has evolved from using foreign govts to local govts. Where global manipulations are occurring regularly. Sometimes uncontrollably, like an attack of diarrhea.

I like to stay regular with a steady diet of fiber/truth. All this political correctness is constipating. The processed news stories, is like processed foods. No fiber/truth, it sounds good, but not digestible. Candy for the masses.


Being an American

I will not move to Canada to escape the new presidency, I wouldn’t want to change my way of talking…eh?

Anyway, I will be an American till I die. Which I would’ve thought happened before this.

I’m proud to be an American, not by what they do. The ideals that they profess, makes me proud, but they fall so short of those ideals. Cause I’m a Christian, I need to forgive unconditionally, and hope for the best.

With the many religions, cultures, politics, and govts of this world blaming each other for the messes we create, I wonder what’s the point of life altogether. I don’t mean to be depressing, but when I breathe another day in this lying world doing genocide on the truth, I want to commit suicide. I know suicide is not the way. I’ve been telling myself that everyday.

In prayer and contemplation you find the answers. Raise that spirit in yourselves, and defend the truth. War with propaganda on both sides is wrong.

We need to be at peace with the truth, and find joy in being there. No more fake news, whether it’s by the Russians or the USA, it’s all propaganda, and so wrong!

I remember a CIA report that Iraq had WMDs, and now they want us to believe this villianization of Russia. I remember the US villianizations through the CIA covert operations.

They got us into wars through erroneous reports before… who says this report is 100% true.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987