Making love or sex? What is the term to use?

—Sex or making Love—



We want to start looking for a relationship, relationships are harder today when we’ve been indoctrinated by Hollywood through their movies. There are many perversions of the truth, cause sex sells, the industry of lies.

I was dead set against the term of “making love“, I just called it sex.

The intimacy, is love I thought.


The foundation building

The compassion is the innocent term of intimacy, but I had an epiphany last night in bed when I was talking to myself and God. The epiphany was, sex was like a mixing vehicle, with a big barrel spinning and mixing water, gravel, and cement.

The concrete from the mixing of the compounds is to be laid into forms that you made to construct for a sure foundation, for the relationship to build upon. I’m not a contractor, so I might not be using the right terminology.

I see sex as the truck spinning the rock and cement, intimacy is the water. You make concrete as making love goes, through your communications in intimacy; you lay your plans of the foundations you want.

The talk is the most important piece in the relationship, cause it’s the plans for the foundation laying,  and each act of sex should be reinforcing those foundations.

So you should have a lot of sex to reinforce the foundations, so that when your old and grey you have a lot of good memories and are unshakable in your relationship.


The Make up of Female and Male

The Female is full of cement at an abundance and has little rock. The Male is full of rock, but lacking in cement. He has a little, but he needs more, at least in my case.

I see cement as love and compassion, and I see rock as logic and reason. It probably is a lot more complex, and I don’t quite understand it.

I had an epiphany only this morning, and I need to think about it more, so it makes sense to me. Well, last night I thought about it, and I finished thinking about it this morning. By the time I got out of bed, and started writing about it.

It’s all about the areas you want to build the foundation on, where you want the relationship to go and grow, so discussion between the two parties will make you stronger and enjoy the sexual experience more and more.


Laying the forms for your foundation

More conviction and commitment will be your strength, requiring patience and observation to feed your convictions and commitments. When you build a family on the foundations you built, then it’s a blessing. You need to realize that one epiphany is not the solutions to all of your problems. It’s not the key for all of your problems.

Also, it’s a start on the journey of your lifetime. You’ll never stop learning like a child. It’s the key to all of your problems. To realize that you don’t know anything, and be willing to learn off of someone else.

Humility is a basic need in a relationship, both parties need to look at themselves in all the truth of the subject, and banishing the defending pride in exile, cause it doesn’t recognize its wrongs.

I’m a bachelor, so don’t take my word for it, but that’s the way I see it. You need to silence your anger to make the point clear and with love, and not screaming. The other needs to see the point you want them to see. Or you’ll live in an angry prison cell in solitary.


Transparent Communication

It must come from the heart, your intimacy. Or it will fall into forgetfulness, and come to nothing that bears fruit. It will fade like your memories. Sex does not equal love, but I see making love indirectly taking part in the sex part. With intimacy of making plans for the foundations being built through the sex acts.

Oh the intimacy was the water, so let me pick something else for the making of the blueprints. Communications should be the blueprints, you need communications; no hiding nothing for a successful relationship. Open communications is the way of an unobstructed future. Well there will be obstructions, but you must get over them together.

Oh I read earlier, I said “communications”, go figure.

Remember I don’t have anyone… and it’s probably is my fault.