The Fear and The Eclipse : Two confusing ideas

— The Fear and The Eclipse: Make sure you have Safe glasses —


fearI bought these safe glasses, and tried them out on the real Sun. Without the eclipse, and it seemed to be safe. The sun looked like the moon in the sky. It looked like the light from an image of the sun on a normal magazine page.

Amazon supposedly issued me a refund, but they’ve made it hard to look at my activity, and for me to check my history, to clarify my refund. I’ll warn others, but not spread the fear of going blind.

I got sick of every news story spreading the fears of imperfection and dangers. So I looked at the sun through those glasses, and it’s as small as the moon. We always look at the sun, and it seems large, cause of the corona. Which is deceiving to say the least, when in fact the Sun is the same size as the moon, at least to us. I know the Sun is many times larger, but with our perspective of the moon and the sun, they’re the same size.

The fear spreading is a terrorist act, and the govt is the biggest terrorist of all. They say they’re doing it for our benefit, but they’re spreading fears into our lives, and it’s not for our benefits, as the power it gives to the leaders and the politicians.


International Organization for Standardization

The ISO certification # 12312-2 is just a warning standard. It should be known to not stare at the sun, but you would have to be an idiot to stare at the sun and not go blind.



Fears are Good, when We Understand them

Fear is the only thing we have to fear. It’s the only thing that FDR got right, but quickly distorted it, when he passed a new prohibition against marijuana, after repealing the alcohol prohibition.

We spread fears in hopes of protecting us, but in no way does it protect us.

Spreading understanding protects us, and gives us power over ourselves.

True freedom, not the phoniness of laws that restrict our freedom.

Understanding brings out our true natures, laws are like chains to keep us in check, like leashes for dogs. A rabid dog needs to be on a leash.

Laws have a purpose, like understanding has a purpose too, and together they bring us freedom.

But that brings up the whole illusion of freedom.

What is freedom? That’s another subject for another time.