Copyright? Is it right or wrong?

— Copyright? Is it right or wrong? —




To protect the Artist, it’s right, but to protect the profits of the media companies, it’s wrong. They make the artists to sign away their songs from being shared. It’s in their contracts, in fine print along with the many more pages of doublespeak. It’s like agreeing to the terms of service, who reads those, except an anal retentive nerds.

I wrote a song called “NO MORE COPYRIGHTS”.

I was going crazy trying to share a song on FB, and UMG, SME, and WMG, claimed copyright. Also, I  thought they wanted sharing, it is what they wanted to do… not really. There is the profit margin, as their goal.


I put in the chorus, but I need to write strong verses… speaking of right and wrong. The song is the property of the artist, and they sign away their rights to the media company, and the media company is only concerned in their profits. So what’s right, sharing would be free advertising, if the songs good, then someone would want to buy it.

Anyway, that night I tried to share a multitude of songs, and everyone I tried to share with FB was claiming copyright, from the big 3 music groups.


Copyrights: the dark side


Copyright is “To promote the progress of science and useful arts.”.

Copyright has been around since the forming of the US Constitution. It was noble at first, but mankind’s corruption soon turned it into a den of vipers and parasites.

The darkside of copyrights and patents are mainly greedy practices. People who want to collect payments for doing nothing.

They want to lasso a horse and break him. So, that everyone could ride, and they want to sell tickets, for that ride too. True entrepreneurship riding on the backs of another’s talents. They buy and sell the artist stars … with big egos preferably required.


I‘d like free sharing, without the copyright restrictions. It’s a greedy practice.

Profits get in the way of love. Greed takes away from the need.