You want a Civil War?

— You want a Civil War? Then deny our rights to labeling? —



I saw this in the news, the Fed dictating to States their laws, which goes against the amendment of the constitution of states rights. The FEDERAL govt is an outlaw with Lawfare against the right to know what we’re eating.


The 10th Amendment of the Constitution:
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


Vermont requires labeling next year, and the Fed wants to take their rights away, and deny them of that. The consumers are the people, which are the constituents that you serve, and they want laws to be passed, which the state of Vermont did in the state congress.

We want our rights that our forefathers had the sane mind to write about, but the corruption has taken hold on our rights to discard them, and that we are safe to eat your GMOs without the choice to even know what we eat… the labels give us that right to know.

If we want the GMOs then label it, and when your sales go down, and we grow thinner from not eating your additives mixed with the GMOs, then you start making healthy foods, rather than over processed foods.

I learned about the things that you sell, the additives that you look for a replacement to sugars, and they have a higher glycemic index than sugar. It causes obesity, and weight gain.

It’s unhealthy to say the least about it… start making organic without GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms), once you start modifying what God created, you are either poisoning us or experimenting on us, which I’m not against, if we knew about it, but when we’re ignorant about it, then it’s either experimenting or poisoning.

Labels for all, not just Vermont.