What to write!?


What to Write About?

I’ll be philosophical tonight, I don’t have a problem with writing about that.

I want to write about something, I need to rant, cause I get joy in doing that, when good things are what I say and do.

I’ll be positive till I’m negative, then I’ll try to be positive again, and end up on a positive note.
We grow up in a world with differing opinions on everything, the various opinions make the world a challenging place, and a beautiful place, the diversity in the world from the scenery and the cultures, make up the character of that beauty.
Like the lines on your face in the mirror, that is you physical character, and everyone alive on this planet are the lines on the face of the world.

Think about it, the deepness of your thoughts, is the deepness of your character, it’s the foundation of your soul, well not your soul, you are a soul. That is a sure foundation, that you don’t have a soul, you are a “soul”.

Anyone who believes in that is unshakable, you can get tested, but if you endure the trials, you come out victorious in all that you do. It’s not fun, some of the trials, I’ve been tested over and over again, but I always come out stronger than when I went in.

Anyway, this is the ending of what I write now, I went into the negative, and I would like to jump out with a positive note.

Wonders never cease to amaze me, but they are the devil’s tool too. The tech amazement of today’s world is misleading to say the least, but  also beneficial to say the most. Whether it’s the first world or the third world, it’s the faces of our character, the world will be one in the future, it’s the journey to there that will be hard or soft.  Have a Wonderful Journey!


“Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it, I know not. God knows.”

 — George Frideric Handel