Intimacy working togetherIntimacy is described as sexual relations, but it could be also a relationship with friend of the same sex, without sexual relations, just warm feelings and loving thoughts like family.
Intimacy is the savior of love, if it dies, then love suffers, and you stay in the relationship, as either a parasite or a victim without love.

Communication is the keys of intimacy, that open any lock.
You could talk sweet and get what you want, but if it isn’t true, then you pay for it for the rest of your life, so you better be true to your feelings.

Love is linked to intimacy, so close that is often mistaken for love, but it’s a separate entity. You can be intimate with those you hate too, in deception.
Not to confuse you with my understanding, and my views of it, which is probably different from yours.

Communication is the way to open the doors of intimacy, you need to talk to make each other feel good.

If you get intimate, without feeling that you can say, what you want to say, what is accomplished by that?
It is more than likely a one way intimacy, where one gets the benefits of intimate relationship, and the other suffers.

Intimacy is like lubricating the joints, where you reveal the love and all its moving parts, and make them all oily where the parts can’t wear out, like you oil/grease a wheel, the bearings won’t wear out, no matter how fast you go.
The way to do that, you need to connect to your partner, where you both have a common goals cause in that commonality you are brought closer together and less friction.

The vocabulary is important, it brings understanding to light, and it needs to enlighten your commonness.
The commonness is the oil you apply, your intimacy is the working to find that commonness.

Or you end up in a relationship like Meatloaf, you have your paradise by the dashboard lights you end up praying for the end of time. The intimacy died in the car that night, hopefully it’s not as extreme as Meatloaf’s situation. He confused intimacy the victim, and lust the murderer, seeking self satisfaction at the cost of another.

The moments are fleeting and quick, frustrations are short lived, the strong relationships get through those times, as if it never happened. They are humorous moments in the memory banks of time.