Bees Buzzing up a Storm in my Mind


Bees Buzzing up a Storm in my Mind

Do you ever feel like a bee going from flower to flower spreading the pollen from each flower you visit?

I had a thought of socializing with the world to be like that, we share and grow with each person we meet, much like the plants need bees to reach their full potential. We need each other.
Our spreading pollen would be our encouragements or aid.

I couldn’t get in the van today, and Chuck(I met today) saw me, and asked if he could help, being the independent person I am, I said I needed to get my strength up. I just needed to get to the height and get my butt up on the seat, but he wanted to help, so he flagged down another person, and put me on the spot.
I just needed to park in reverse into the parking spot, cause their was a slight slant to the parking lot, and the drivers door was a little higher than the wheelchair, but last month I parked like that, and had no problem getting in then.

I blamed the junk food I was feeding myself, they sapped my strength from me.
No more LAYS potato chips for me, I’m going back to organic chips.

Anyway, I only had to wait for my strength to come back, but it meant they would have to wait.
Well, we tried, and it was a pathetic scene, I didn’t reach the seat. I hit the guy who Chuck flagged in the head, and he was pushing my butt. Chuck made it worse, he was in the van and thought taking my arms would help.
Eventually we made it, and the pathetic scene got put to rest.

Since I brought up the bees in the comparison, I would see it as a sick bee clinging to the healthy bees, and the healthy bee helped until sick bee collected the pollen and returned to the hive. All in all it was a good time, and one that I will never forget.

The bees are buzzing, some truth and some lies, but they make the honey sweet.
We are not perfect, and should be happy with that, the sweetness of the honey mixed with sweet lies will turn bitter, when we find out the truth, but the truth will never turn bitter. The bees make honey sweet with truth, not the bitter truth.
I guess the sweet lie is an attempt to store the truth in a more palatable form, by sweetening it a little, I guess if you have a sweet tooth, you can justify it.
Some honey is awful, but all honey is sweet…it depends on the bees food.

To go back to the social scene and bees, I want to explore that a little, I’m not done with this flower. A bee is checking it out, he’s looking for pollen to collect, ideas to think of, dreams to dream, and answers to prayers prayed.
Looking to help the helpless, we are in this society like the bees, making hives for gathering and veterans club, elks lodge, shriners club, are the few of the hives that come to mind…the lists are endless, there are so many to name everyone.
We are social people and crave company, and with the developing colony collapse disorder I choose the bees to compare it too.

“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.”
— James Russell Lowell

It seems, I wasn’t the only one who thought of this, I guess there are many others who hear God/Angels/the Spirit of man, to deny It exists is the downfall of mankind.
It’s like a fool running from the truth, it exists, but he doesn’t want to accept it, so he runs, to not deal with it.
I don’t want a colony collapse disorder of mankind, think before you do, we are poisoning the world’s flowers with pesticides and the bees are making honey with it, so rather than a mindless bee, we should take care of them and they will produce good honey for us, they like sharing and we like eating their food.

So don’t piss off a neighbor he will surely sting you, but you stung him and he stung you, and you both die. There’s nothing that is blessed by that scene.

Swarms of bees are like nations, they go to war, and like a game of angry birds, you know, I never played that game, but from what other people tell me it doesn’t sound like a good game, I wanted a waste of time game to reference it to war, …you don’t learn from it.
So why do it?

You don’t teach peace with it, you teach what it’s like without peace, and you have extremism as it’s fruit. Like drones don’t get rid of terrorists, they only give reasons for more recruits to the terrorists cause.
I’m going into a rant, I’m just babbling for babbles sake… just think of the bees and the social scene, and the comparisons that they bring to the world.