World Party – Is it Like Today

RIP – Karl Wallinger
March 10th, 2024

The Frontman for World Party(Karl Wallinger) may rest in peace. I first saw him on Youtube, and sometime after the World Party was sort of famous, so I’m guessing it was 2014-16, but my guesses is always wrong. I was just getting into them… Ship of Fools, is one song I could relate to, with every war feeding the greedy profit cycles of big business.

The Lyrics for
“Is It Like Today?”

Well, the Party is over for Karl Wallinger, and all his listeners. We’ll keep it going the “truth” dreams, the best we can… which I can’t fathom anymore.

The Lyric Line when
he Came Face to Face with God
“How could it come to this?
I’m really worried about my creation
How did it come to this?
You’re really killing me, you know?”

I would like to meet God face to face, and would want to hear God out, and see if I can help… but that’s why we’re here… to help God out, and love the world, and the people with truth, and not blame and wars… cause that brings destruction and ruins.

To Gaza right now, and I blame both sides, cause lies masked as truth, it is only making it worse… the propaganda is running rampant in the media, till you don’t what to believe anymore. Propaganda is like a stick in the wheels of a wheelchair, you can’t get it out of the wheelchair, cause you can’t reach it.
Which is the media today… we are still in that “landslide” of propaganda.

“Then there followed days of kings, empires, and revolution
Blood just looks the same when you open the veins
But sometimes it was faith, power, or reason as the cornerstone
But the furrowed brow has never left his face

He said, “How could it come to this?
We’ve been living in a landslide”

They’re trying to twist are minds, that our cognitive abilities are neutralized by the stick in your thoughts/wheels. I’m weird and I’m a creep…

So let him rest in peace, cause when he wakes up, the world would have changed for the better, and the party can begin again.