MPC Studio Controller & MPC2 Software

Not the free MPC Beats,
the MPC true software

With synth engines,
and all the other effects.

This cost me only $199. The MPC Studio, and it comes with a controller pad and the software, I have downloaded the Ableton Live 11, from all the standalone MPC hardware I bought.

I wish I bought this first, cause it’s all I needed, but I had to learn the MPC interface first, I just hope the stems feature is included in it.

I wanted the stem features, so I could redo my old songs, and separate them in to four layers, it was supposed to be coming out this month, but it is no where in my MPC standalones, so I’m hoping it’s in there, in MPC Studio 2.

The Controller weighs under 2lbs, at 1.8 lbs. Which makes it lighter than my laptop for the software, and I don’t have to menu dive, it’s all on ONE screen… well different tabs, but I don’t get lost, unless I fall asleep.

There is a feature I saw before on other MPC 61 Keys, but not on the MPC 37 Keys

And I want to experiment with it, as far as the note repeats, and separating it with triplets, and single notes too. I saw a video of it, where the person was showing it, and performing with it, with the high hat sounds.

Well, this is the song I wanted to put through the stems feature that would separate into 4 stems, Vocals, Beats, Melodic, and Bass. and try to edit on the beats, or make another beat or add a different melody… also tune the samples too, or add effects.

I’ve had high hopes before, and was disappointed, and was knocked down in my faith, but that’s my life, as it is now… just have to GET UP, and try it again… and this is Election Year, I want to make a video of all the election candidates and make up new verses… it’s my final voice of an election, that went off course.

I’m sick of this empire that’s failing, and turning into a chagrin on the common people.

Now, to get back to MPC Studio, and the installation of the MPC2 software… here is a playlist to prepare in getting it. It was the cheapest MPC, and now I don’t have to menu dives, it’s all on one screen, and I have to search, and my mind is not lost, cause of my failing memories… all I have to do, is just look at the screen.

Well, wish me luck with it, if you don’t believe in luck, than pray for me, that this is the last MPC device I buy. It’s what I wanted all along in this journey to find a DAW, that worked for me, and my workflow. I’m hardheaded fool, I don’t see what’s before my eyes sometimes.

These last 4 years on bedrest, and going in and out of hospitals for the first 2 years, and living at home for the last two years, and seeing the healthcare industry transforming into a monstrous beast feeding on our wounds, and never healing with love, we’ll just write you a new prescription, and maybe it will cure you or not…

Well, I got tired of … NOT.
Don’t get me going and ranting endlessly.