Words make the languages

— Words, make the languages we use to communicate  —


I‘m just trying to get out of this political swamp in my mind, it’s filled with unsolvable dilemmas based on “words”, so I’ll write about that to enlighten myself and anyone who reads this, … Myself, in thinking about it to come up with the words that make sense, for me and you…

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.”
  — Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein

Words means different things in other languages the main reason that the world is full of misunderstandings and conflicts/wars.

I saw this movie Lost and Found in Armenia (Full Movie) with Jamie Kennedy as a tourist that went parasailing in Turkey, and was hooked by a plane and ended up in Armenia, and held captive for being a spy, this clip from the movie explains the word “war” in English is “ass” in Armenian.

I came across many words it means something in English and means something totally different in another language, it might not be spelled the same, cause some languages have different alphabets, but the word sounds the same.

The Words “I love you” is the most perverted and deceptive form of words that you hear today, there are cases when it’s true, but you have people saying it who don’t know what the word means, cause when you ask them what does love mean…you hear uhh ughh umm, massive pause while they try to articulate an answer. I myself would be the same, cause there is so much to love to come up with one sentence explaining it all.

You awe them by asking what is love?

This is a Beatles song Words of Love.



Love is something to understand, but in this world, it’s a mystery. It’s hidden under misconceptions and falsehoods, it’s like an Easter egg hunt in this world.

Love is one of the words that we need to learn about, and there are many more.

Words can enlighten or condemn, I prefer the enlightenment part as all of you do too.  This song by Hawk Nelson is way of understanding God, the only thing I disagree with, why go backwards to go forward, it doesn’t make sense.

I agree with the Words that God exists, but our understanding of God is different today, why go back to the dark ages understandings, there is so much more to learn of God… like What is Spirit?



The words talked of in the bible, is a rehash of older scriptures before the Torah, I’m no expert, but the time of the beginning is a mystery to me and everyone, cause it’s all hearsay. Religions are like hearsay factories, that require faith as the payment that fills the offering boxes. I’m not against any religion, unless they threaten to cut off the hands for the sake of teaching not to steal, what do you teach, with it being forced, where they don’t have a choice.

It’s more like tyranny than education, and education with love is a more acceptable method, rather than violence. Love can be cruel too, so it’s not without fault, but it offers a sure road to freedom, which is another distorted word I found in this world.

Freedom, it means liberty to some, and it means criminality to others, but the fruits of the liberty tree are beneficial to all, the fruits off the criminality tree are sold to the public and not consumed by the gardeners.

I could go on and on, as I always do…but I need to curb down my verbosity, cause it gets dry and boring when I don’t have a direction to go in

What is Spirit? I’ll bring that up again.

Spirit to me is a medium that all of us have, some call it soul and it’s something we have, but I beg to differ, I call it soul too, but it’s a part of us and not something we contain or possess. It’s actually us, it what makes our hearts to beat, it is basically us. We separated it from us to explain it to us, but it’s us.

 Genesis 2:7 : “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

I’m a Christian by birth, and I was made to believe in the Catholic doctrines, but I never felt like a Catholic puppet, cause I was thieving and God didn’t strike me dead, so I kept up the testing of my faith, cause by the Catholic doctrines I was going to hell at 6 years old.  I didn’t go to church on Sunday, cause I went to visit my Grandparents in NJ for the weekend.

I was 6 years old and it was traumatic for me, but I forgave them.

But those words from the Nuns were so final and cold, it made me resent the actions in the futures of my life, but that’s all waters under the bridges of my life now, but recollecting about it now, is a healthy reflection, it’s not so good of a memory, but beneficial in the long run.

But lets get back to the word “spirit”, cause “God is Spirit” according to Jesus’ own words. We marveled at God, when God wanted us to understand. God gave us commandments not to awe, but to be obedient and cooperative with others. That pleases God, when we get along with each other.

Religions are man made, they claim the truth, but they rely on our differences to stay in power, so they are like the Pharisees in the days of Jesus, they were the power hungry fools too, but Jesus loved them too.

Why, I want to understand, but I’d be more like Judas, cause I’ve been called that more times in my life… usually by a scorned female loves. I didn’t do anything wrong, just a misunderstanding is all I could put merit too.

This is a tedious task  to talk about religion, cause it sounds like I’m against religion, but I honor God in my own way, so I’m not against religion, cause they honor God in their own way too. I believe in the scriptures of old times as a storybook with many valuable lessons to adhere to, but that’s not what all there is of God.

I don’t lock God in a box of my understandings with an archaic book, there is much more of God then a dark and dusty book, there is whole universe to explore and understand about God.

I’m not putting any religion down, but lifting them up in their understanding of God, which is what they claim the book to do.

I don’t disagree with that point, cause I learn from the bible every time I read it, but I learned all that is in it years before reading it. I learned it first hand from the spirit of God, the first time I read it, it just confirmed what the spirit said the years before.

And now we come to the lake of Fun to take a break from all these words that are heavy on the minds, we need to rest, to think about the knowledge that we have gained or discarded

This next song is for all the webword people, INCYDK DBA L8TR, YGTI by Weird Al  called Word Crimes



Words can be enlightening or darker than dark and dimming everything around you, even your own light. Which has happened to me several times in this writing of words.  I’ve already gone on too long.

So I guess I should end it with a song by Pink Floyd called Louder than Words… and all the word songs that I went through in prep for this writing.



Now the songs from youtube to deal with WORDS


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