OK to go to war with Ukraine and Russia

— OK to go to war with Ukraine and Russia with falsified evidence —

Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) presented Russian tanks on the eastern Ukraine border, but they were from the Georgian incident in 2008. This Senator is thirsty for war, and making everyone feel the heat from the cold war days, which wasn’t so cold, it’s been 25 years since the cold war was left in room temperature, and the beef of our differences is moldy and stinks.

Here is RT’s story:


There is this side from Sen. Inhofe in a statement to push the bill for supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine to counteract Pro-Russian separatists.

We know there is Russian tanks, but were they bought off of the Russians, like the Americans arming the other sides, for money.

I’m not pro Putin, like I’m not pro Obama, each side lies to cover their asses. If I was a politician, I’d probably lie too, but I’m not a politician, and seek no office, though I would probably do a better job, cause I’m sworn not to lie. We all know what happens to truth tellers, they’re assassinated.


TYT’s Youtube


It looks as if the lies for false flag attacks is on the rise, and being uncovered for people who have the time to uncover the BS. I don’t have the time or the heart to uncover the core of the lies, cause it wears the money suit, in all its glory.

That glory being the blood of the innocence, cut bleeding with every swipe of the razor sharp lies. You butcher animals, you need to drain the blood from the bodies, and you slaughter the innocence from this planet, which you intend to eat when you’re done.

Mining on the moon to fill your pockets, what’s next … make stellar wars. “Military Industrial Complex” RIP, no more wars, you need to take a gun to your own head, but that is against my religion too, but I’m tempted to pick up a gun and murder MIC for the sake of the world’s peace.

The truth is my weapon, I’m just not sure how to present it…raw or in little bites.