We Don’t Need No Stinkin Borders

— We Don’t Need No Stinkin Borders —


Mare Nostrum Italy’s way of dealing with migration problem

We need a world border that includes all nations, besides the UN where everyone is free to roam and explore without restrictions, but unless we purge ourselves of the wrongs, and sins of pride, and also the violence of prejudice, we are just propagating the problems.

This video is talking of immigration problems of Europe, which is much like the immigration problems in the US. There needs to be security, but not more than the check in at airports, they inspect you for weapons and question you, but know one should be denied to enter. We are many languages on one world, and an infinite number of languages in the universe. Which is another problem altogether, that I won’t cover here…but you could think about that too.



I guess this a case for the SuperDiplomat, however mythical it is. Once they get there they’ll be judged for not speaking the native language of the country that they will be.

Fingerprinting during registration at entry point of Europe, restricts, if the person wants to move somewhere else in Europe in the future. If you registered in Italy, it affects your move to Spain, France, UK, Germany , etc. depending on where you want to go, or the language that you learn to speak, however bad it is.

I included other Videos from Vice News below on the subject of immigration to “Europe or Die”.

Since Europe accepted the Euro as it’s currency, it became the US of across the ocean, but it didn’t wait for us to solve the immigration policy, so now the whole world is a prison… and I don’t feel so all alone.

I’d rather be miserable and alone, and the world to be free to travel without restrictions and bureaucratic BS hanging around their necks.