Women in Islam

— Women in Islam —


They must be ashamed of themselves, cause they hide away their beauty, or are forced to hide away their beauty under a veil, especially a dark black veil.



The rhetoric, they use, to justify the wearing of the Burkha, and blames the man for not self controlling his lusts, just a loose plain dress would be a lust kill joy.

You’re walking around with black blanket over you is more like a lustful move, cause you carry the bed stuff around with you.

Stop blaming men for your sins, and wearing dirty sheets brings more attention to you, than your beauty.

You might go by unnoticed to the normal man, but wearing a burkha gives you more attention. If you wanted to be normal, then dress as the other woman, or dress more appropriately like or someone from the turn of last century, where women wore a full suit to go swimming, and now women go skinny dipping.

I’m thinking the beauty that you’re hiding, is the ugliness of your egos.


You’re so narcissistic, that it shames you, like Eve’s nakedness shamed her in the Garden of Eden. You need to hide the nakedness of your own ego, which is very ugly to someone who is scared of his/her own ego.

It is beautiful otherwise, to those who understand their own ego.

Egos are dirty and ugly to those who don’t understand it, but once they understand it, they’re no longer burdened by it. What was once ugly and burdensome, now is a beautiful and a shiny gem that illuminates your life, and other’s lives.

Rather than burden yourself with a heavy burden, you should challenge the men for their lusts.

They are supposed to protect you from the lusts of others, much more the lusts of themselves. You don’t have to hide from the lusts, that is saying that your scared of them.

The men should be cloaking their own lusts, that would be true justice.


I‘ve been shackling my own lusts for over 57 years now, and the only pains I feel are in my heart, emotional pains are more painful than the physical pains, the physical pains heal and are forgotten about, but emotional pains are sometimes never healed, especially when someone holds a grudge.

It’s never forgiven and never heals. Once it’s forgiven, then the healing starts.

If you want to wear the burka, then fine wear it proudly, but it brings attention to yourself.

It doesn’t hide your beauty, it only brings attention to yourself, that you’re ashamed of yourself. You need not be ashamed of yourself, and hide the nakedness of your ego, but shine nakedness of your ego on our lusts and make us feel ashamed, that we burden you with our shame.

God gave us our lusts, and it’s our burdens, not yours to defeat.

We have to overcome our own lusts to grow closer to God… it’s our own battles, the cowardly man makes you fight and defeat his battles for him.

I’m more of an anti-feminist when women cries for women’s rights, they want crush men’s rights. When you take men’s rights away for the women’s rights, you’re not advocating equal rights, but one sex over another rights.

You’re propagating women’s right over men’s rights, which is as just as bad as men’s right over women’s rights.

It’s not equal rights, it’s one genders rights over another’s rights. I’m for equal rights, not your determination or definition of equal rights, with your own personal/religious/political spin.


Rights with a spin has an agenda, a hidden agenda… looking to inhibit the rights of everyone in the future.

Rights are like wheels, they carry your burdens where you steer them to go. Think if you had no wheels, where would you go.