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Cultural differences and language differences have to be overcome together, at least that’s a common ground to start building a relationship with.

You fight the same battles, allies in the truth quests together.

If you have a little something to learn, you take an interest in her native tongue and culture, rather than English alone, which means another alphabet to learn, which means going back to school and learn. Which is a major chore when you get older, rather than learning as a child when your mind is full of vigor, and it becomes second nature without thinking.


We look for our expectations in the other women, which will never be known, because our expectations are unreal and pressuring, rather than a natural existence of trust and love.

The expectations is the destroyer of love and trust, but makes us ignorant and blind to the violence of the expectations, and we expect more, not seeing what we destroy with the expectations. In our mind we’re right, and no one can tell you, that you’re wrong.

Expectations have been known to be cruel and unfair, but when you’re ignorant of it, it goes on and on taking more than it deserves.

Material things is a distraction to the real goal of companionship in this life. Riches is a distraction towards a happy life, if we are focused on what we gain, instead of what we give, it’s bound to fail before your death.

If you need a companion, you might give more than you take, then you and her are happy. It requires more work, than just lying on your back and eating grapes off the bunches, while someone fans you… I’m reminded of an old black and white movie with that scene… with a leader that enslaved the population to serve him/her.

Know it will be a lot of work, if you want a companion… from my experiences it involved a lot of give and take, from my experiences mostly taking, and reluctant giving. Some say me was reluctant giving, and I say the other was reluctant … let’s just say, we didn’t agree.

And you need to agree, if it’s going to work. Language is the most important connection, cause without common language there is more misunderstandings, rather than problems with semantics.

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