Winning or Losing : a fact of the duality of life

— Winning or Losing : a fact of the duality of life —


I saw this video from 10th Ave North called “Losing”, and decided to expound on that for this post.

(I Can’t post music videos here. The parasitic rules of the music industry moguls. You have to go to Youtube to view it.)

I managed to find a live version of the song. They don’t own the live versions yet. I hope they never will.



The duality of life is a study of one thing, and it’s total opposite. Good and evil, right and wrong, terror/war and peace, etc., the things that make up this life.

I’m trying to find reasons for living. The people judging others is always making me feel down.

I don’t drink, it would be good if I did. Rather, than the memories of the college days in the 70’s and 80’s. Where I got plastered and passed out, and woke with no memories of the night before. I’d rather lose my life than get caught in that trap of being an alcoholic, there wouldn’t be much difference.

It’s therapeutic to drink, but once you need it to feel good, you crossed that line of being a curse, rather than a blessing. Soberness brings clarity to the mind, and your actions. Judgments brings fogginess to the situations.

Wars start at the whim in anger, cause anger brings judgment. The facts get clouded by the fogginess, and are overlooked in your rush to judgment.

Alcohol is only a therapeutic drug, it’s not the solution. Thinking it’s the solution is the springing of that trap.

How I went to the alcohol bashing, it seems this country is progressing towards alcohol intake, while villainizing marijuana. I’d rather get stoned than drunk, I always felt worse after getting drunk, but only hungry after getting stoned.



I lost my way in writing this post. I lost a lot of friends due to alcohol. It made me disgusted by alcohol, and it’s trapping qualities. When you’re drunk, it alleviates the heaviness from thinking. I need it sometimes. I’d rather smoke a joint though, it has the same qualities. Only pot makes you think more.


The point of losing instead of winning, if done gracefully, can be a blessing. That’s the whole point of the message of this post. Losing is best done graciously. It makes you a better winner, cause that will happen too. It’s inevitable.

Everyone called a loser, is actually kings or queens that lost their crowns to thieves carrying lies, and passing out dunce caps. Dunce caps is the title of a loser, replacing the winner titles of crowns. Everyone is a winner, and also a loser. Its how you lose, that makes you a winner.

I need to close this post, and look for the door. I could type till the cows come home, but If I’m not saying anything you’ll hear a lot of bull, without the meat. Meaning BS.

Ciao, fellow losers, till next time you win. Please be humble winners. When you do win.


“Win without boasting. Lose without excuse.”
Albert Payson Terhune