Basic Income: big or small is a curse

— Basic Income: big or small it is a curse —


I‘ve been receiving a basic income with a 100% service connected disability pension from the Veteran’s Affairs. The aid and attendance is added with the pension, the basic income plus the aid and attendance.  It started at $1800 for a month in 1977, and progressed to $7000+ a month over the years with the cost of living increases. I also receive Social Security benefits. Which I try to give to charity.

With the charity, I see is a lot of self promoting with marketing tricks, such as junk mail.

I’m just living in a world, one I wish I was dead to. God has granted me with dollars galore. Gracefully painted me with undeserved riches like a king, but I feel cursed like a vagabond.

I’m trying to have a home in Montana, and make a way for the common man.  Which I’m the upper class of the middle class with the “Basic Income” supplied to me from the Veterans Administration.

Switzerland just voted NO to the “basic income” initiative.



I commend them on their vote, though I feel less compassion for the overall vote. They claim it makes the people lazy, and don’t want to work. Though I’m a hard worker for the things that give my life meaning, but the “basic income” it just makes me a die hard consumer.

Buying things that I don’t need, and doing things that I don’t want or need. A basic consumeristic money tree for the capitalist system. I’m not anti-capitalist, but I’m definitely anti-corruption which is infecting all capitalist systems, such as banking, investing, and businesses.


Basic Income is just the tip of the iceberg

Think about it over the last almost 40 years my tax free pension has gone from $1800 a month to $7000+ a month.

When people that work, and struggle to raise the funds to try, and put the meals for their families on their tables. I should feel blessed, but I feel cursed. The basic income that supplies for me, doesn’t supply for everyone else, which makes me feel cursed.

Basic Income for all. Not only the selected, or no one at all. I’m not a war hero, and don’t deserve this. I fight principles and powers with blogs. Though they go unaffected by my words.


When I went to Catholic school, the Nuns poised this to me, when they caught me chewing gum. They asked me if have enough gum for everyone in the class. With a class of about 50 students, I said No. The Nun said then stop chewing, if I didn’t want to share with everybody else.

The same with the economy. I get an enormous amount of money, but not enough to supplement everyone else in the community. Though I donate all my Social Security payments to charity, I feel cursed. Cause there is no love left in the pot. I try to feel compassion in the giving, but it seems empty to me.


Welfare traps ahead

I sound like Trump, boasting of his riches of 10 billion dollars. Though when you say he doesn’t have that, he threatens to sue you.

Anyway, I would feel better, when everyone goes without wanting more money. It’s a curse, when you’re empathetic to the suffering of others.

My Dad gave me some sure advice, you can give people money, but that doesn’t help them. It’s much like that Confucius saying you can teach a man to fish, and he could feed his whole family. Anytime he wanted to go fishing. Or you could just give him a fish, and feed his family only once.

Just giving money doesn’t do anybody any good, but teaching how they can raise money for their quest.

It sustains them, so they could keep up their quest.


I‘m all for the basic income, when it’s temporary, or a smaller basic currency. When it’s permanent, and they don’t need it, then you’re just making more pawns on the chessboard of life.

It’s like you’re making “money” drug addicts. Where money is the drug.

If I lost my pension tomorrow, then I would feel like robbing someone to get my fix. I said I would feel like it, but I would be turning in turmoil inside to do what’s right.

Consumerism is a disease, that’s hard to kick. It’s an addiction too. I would rather just go into my shell like a turtle, and be at peace within myself, and snap at anyone trying to look into my shell. Which I feel like I do now in Montana.

Go to Montana and live like a hermit in nice house with all the dressings of the rich. It doesn’t sound like a healthy lifestyle.


Welfare Babies grow up thinking they’re entitled to the fix of the money drugs… like the addicts they are.

Back in the 1980’s I tried to stop the social security payments, cause I was getting a rather large sum for the VA pension. It just seemed too extravagant for me, it was more money, than I needed at that time.

Though the Social Security office in Oneonta, NY, told me that I needed it, and they couldn’t stop it. Though medical supplies were extravagantly priced, so it evened out in the long run.

Wheelchairs went from $1000 to $3000+. What came for free with the chairs, they wanted you to pay for now as an options.

I haven’t bought a wheelchair in about 5 years. I’m due for another chair.

Basic Income is a curse when you don’t need it, but a blessing if you do need it, and if it’s temporary.

Doing good for goodness’ sake, is Good.

A welfare check for the welfare babies is a curse. A breeding ground for the money addicts of the world.

This is getting too verbose for what’s being said. It’s me trying to make sense of money. Which I hated with a passion before, I learned the practical applications of it.

It was the greed and the corruptions that I hated, not the money itself. The love of it I hated, because it fed the corruptive and greedy beasts that sucked the nipples of capitalism to survive.


I‘ll get off my soapbox for now talking about my undeserved riches, like Trump in his undeserved towers. We guess we’ll still hear him making “America Great” again sayings. I can’t wait till this election is over and they pick another tool for the presidency.

They could pick another tool to be the leader, but that doesn’t sound hopeful. I don’t trust Hillary. I don’t see Bernie as getting into office, with the vigor that he deserves to run the office. The other parties as the Libertarian and Green parties, are a longshot. Though I might vote for them, to save my integrity.

This was supposed to be about basic income, and I went off on a tangent about elections. I should stop now.


The idleness of basic income is the devil’s workshop, it’s where the devil’s play their wasted video games. I hate the video games, and having nothing to do, but playing games.

It’s like a prison nothing to do, but twiddling your thumbs to pass the time waiting to die.

I’m depressing myself the more I type.

So I’ll close with a song…